Handbook of Automated Data Collection Methods for the National Transit Database October 2003

Front Matter PDF
Executive Summary PDF
Chapter 1 Introduction PDF
Chapter 2 Background and Lterature Review PDF
Chapter 3 Maintenance Model PDF
Chapter 4 Repair Prioritization PDF
Chapter 5 Preventative Maintenance PDF
Chapter 6 Resource Analysis PDF
Chapter 7 Maintenance Budget PDF
Chapter 8 Summary PDF

Intelligent Transportation Systems Maintenance Plan Volume Two: Technical Appendices

Front Matter PDF
Appendix A Stakeholder Meeting Attendance PDF
Appendix B Transportation Agency Maintenance Plans PDF
Appendix C Alternative Maintenance Models PDF
Appendix D Prioritization Guidelines in Other Plans PDF
Appendix E Results of Prioritization Surveys PDF
Appendix F Repair Prioritization Survey Forms PDF
Appendix G Infrastructure Description PDF
Appendix H Skill Level Assumptions PDF
Appendix I Evaluation of Technological Change PDF
Appendix J Travel Time Assumptions PDF
Appendix K Device-by-Device Resource Needs PDF
Appendix L Training Alternatives PDF
Appendix M Contracting Activities PDF
Appendix N Detailed Budget PDF
Appendix O References / Bibliography PDF