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Technical Memorandum: Greater Portland Transit District (METRO) Passenger Survey

Technical Memorandum: Greater Portland Transit District (METRO) Passenger Survey
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Prepared by: Greater Portland Council of Governments
In Cooperation with: Greater Portland Transit District (METRO) Prepared for: Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation Committee (PACTS) Maine Department of Transportation
Greater Portland Transit District METRO Staff:
Sarah deDoes, General Manager
John Tibbetts, Transportation Manager
Philip Chin, Marketing Director
GPCOG Transportation Planning Staff:
Report Co-Authors:
Joseph Kott, Transportation Planning Manager
Steve Linnell, METRO Passenger Survey Coordinator
Also Assisting:
Henry Renski, Planning Assistant
David Willauer, Transportation Planner

The preparation of this report has been financed through a grantfrom the Federal Transit Administration, administered by the MaineDepartment of Transportation Highway Mass Transportation Division.The contents of this document reflect the views of the authors whoare responsible for the facts and the accuracy of the data presentedherein. The contents do not necessarily reflect the views of theFederal Transit Administration, Federal Highway Administration, orthe Maine Department of Transportation. This project does notconstitute a standard, specification or regulation.


Table of Contents

Section PageA. OVERVIEW
2Sample, by Route:
2Chart 1: Number of Survey Responses by Route
3Inter-route Transfers:
4Charts 2 (graph) and 3 (table): Route Transferred From.
5Chart 4 (graph) and 5 (table): Route Transferred To
6Trip Purpose:Chart 6: Where the Trip Began
7Chart 7: Where the Trip Ended
8Chart 8: Trip Purpose
9Usage Characteristics:
Chart 9: Use Wheelchair Lift System
10Chart 10: Trips Per Week
11Chart 11: Days of Normal Bus Use
12Chart 12: Frequency Distribution of Riders per Day (table)
13Chart 13: Frequency Distribution of Riders per Day (graph)
14Chart 14: Options if Buses Were Not Available
15User Attitudes
16User Attitudes: New Services:Chart 15: Suggestions for New Service 18Chart 16: Suggestions for New Service. (detailed)
19User Attitudes: Comfort and Convenience:Chart 17: Comfort Ranked 20Chart 18: Convenience Ranked
21User Attitudes: Service, Price and Information:Chart 19: Frequency of Trips Ranked 22Chart 20: On-Time Performance Ranked
23Chart 21: Importance of Price Ranked
24Chart 22: Length of Trip Ranked
25Chart 23: Linkage to Other Transportation Ranked
26Chart 24: Clarity of Schedule and Map Ranked
27Section PageUser Ratings
17User Ratings: Comfort and Convenience:
Chart 25: Comfort of METRO Rated
28Chart 26: Convenience of METRO Rated
29User Ratings: Service, Price, and Information:
Chart 27: Frequency of METRO Trips Rated
30Chart 28: On-Time Performance of METRO Rated
31Chart 29: Price of METRO Service Rated
32Chart 30: Length of METRO Trips Rated
33Chart 31: Linkage Between METRO and Other Transportation Services Rated
34Chart 32: Clarity of METRO Schedule and Map Rated
35Service Attribute Rankings in Comparison to User Ratings of METRO:
36Chart 33: Observed Frequencies for Comfort Ranked and Comfort Rated
37Chart 34: Observed Frequencies for Convenience Ranked and Convenience Rated
37Chart 35: Observed Frequencies for Frequency of Trips Ranked and Frequency of Trips Rated
37Chart 36: Observed Frequencies for On-Time Performance Ranked and On-Time Performance Rated
37Chart 37: Comfort Ranked Compared to Comfort Rated
38Chart 38: Convenience Ranked Compared to Convenience Rated
39Chart 39: Frequency of Trips Ranked Compared to Frequency of Trips Rated
40Chart 40: On-Time Performance Ranked Compared to On-Time Performance Rated
41Chart 41: Observed Frequencies for Price Ranked and Price Rated
42Chart 42: Observed Frequencies for Length of Trip Ranked and Length of Trip Rated
42Chart 43: Observed Frequencies for Linkage to Other Transportation Services Ranked and Linkage Rated
42Chart 44: Observed Frequencies for Clarity of Schedule Ranked and Clarity Rated
42Chart 45: Price Ranked Compared to Price Rated
43Chart 46: Length of Trip Ranked Compared to Length of Trip Rated
44Chart 47: Linkage to Other Transportation Modes Ranked Compared to Linkage Rated
45Chart 48: Clarity of Schedule Ranked Compared to Clarity of Schedule Rated
46SectionUser Demographics
47User Demographics:Age, Employment, Household Size, and Auto Availability:
47Chart 49: Age of Respondents
48Chart 50: Sex ofRespondents
48Chart 51: Primary Occupation
49Chart 52: Secondary Occupation
50Chart 53: Passengers Who Specified More than One Occupation
51Chart 54: Occupation by Age Category (table)
51Chart 55: Passengers Who Specified More than One Occupation
52Chart 56: Occupation by Age Category (graph)
53Chart 57: Household Size of Respondents
54Chart 58: Household Size by Age of Respondents
55Chart 59: Autos per Household
56Chart 60: Number of Autos per Household by Age of Respondent
57User Demographics: Household Income:
58Chart 61: Household Income
59Chart 62: Household Income According to Age of Respondents
60Chart 63: Household Size and Age of Respondents with Household Income Less than $10,000 per Year
61Chart 64: Household Size and Age of Respondents with Household Income between $10,001 and $20,000 per Year
61Chart 65: Household Size and Age of Respondents with Household Income between $20,001 and $30,000 per Year
61Chart 66: Household Size and Age of Respondents with Household Income between $30,001 and $45,000 per Year
62Chart 67: Household Size and Age of Respondents with Household Income Greater than $45,000 62C. COMMUTERS Commuter Usage Characteristics:
63Chart 68: Commuter Trips by Route
64Chart 69: Commuter Trips per Week
65Chart 70: Commuter Days of Normal Use
66Chart 71: Commuter Options if Buses Were Not Available
67Section PageCommuter Attitudes:
Chart 72: Commuters with Suggestions for New Service
69Chart 73: Comfort Ranked by Commuters
70Chart 74: Convenience Ranked by Commuters
71Chart 75: Frequency of Trips Ranked by Commuters
72Chart 76: On-Time Performance Ranked by Commuters
73Chart 77: Importance of Price Ranked by Commuters
74Chart 78: Length of Trip Ranked by Commuters
75Chart 79: Linkage to Other Transportation Ranked by Commuters
76Chart 80: Clarity of Schedule and Map Ranked by Commuters
77Commuter Ratings of METRO Service:
Chart 81: Comfort of METRO Rated by Commuters
78Chart 82: Convenience of METRO Rated by Commuters
79Chart 83: Frequency of METRO Trips Rated by Commuters
80Chart 84: On-Time Performance of METRO Rated by Commuters
81Chart 85: Price of METRO Service Rated by Commuters
81Chart 86: Length of METRO Trips Rated by Commuters
82Chart 87: Linkage Between METRO and Other Transportation Service Rated by Commuters
82Chart 88: Clarity of METRO Schedule and Map Rated by Commuters
83Commuter Demographics:
84Chart 89: Age of Commuters
85Chart 90: Sex of Commuters
85Chart 91: Household Size of Commuters
86Chart 92: Autos per Household of Commuters
86Chart 93: Household Income of Commuters
87 APPENDICES:APPENDIX A - Survey Instrument
APPENDIX B - Map of METRO Routes
APPENDIX D - Suggestions for New Service
APPENDIX E - Comments
APPENDIX F - Statistical Analysis of Respondent and RidershipDistributions by Route
LIST OF TABLES:Table 1: Actual and Surveyed Passenger Distributions
2Table 2: Total Respondents and Commuter Respondents Distributions
63Table 3: Comparison of Commuter and Entire Sample "Very Important" Rankings of Transit Service Attributes 68A.

This Technical Memorandum documents the results of the mostextensive survey of public transit patrons ever undertaken in Maine.For one complete week in May, 1995, Greater Portland Council ofGovernments staff, in close collaboration with staff from theGreater Portland Transit District(METRO), surveyed almost 2,200METRO passengers. Assuming these respondents were accurate inestimating the frequency of their METRO use(see section on UsageCharacteristics in Entire Sample part of this report), surveyrespondents account for about 65% of METRO boardings. Appendix Acontains the survey instrument distributed to passengers.For all METRO routes, each weekday, Saturday, and Sunday time pointwas sampled once. Appendices B and C show METRO routes andTimetable. Passengers were given surveys to fill in, as well as apencil if needed. Staff were available to assist in interpretingquestions or, in a small number of cases where respondents wereunable due to disability or illiteracy to fill out the survey forms,assist in completing the questionnaire. Most passengers, however,completed their surveys without any assistance from staff. Whileevery effort was made to provide every passenger on each bus tripsurveyed an opportunity to complete a survey form, passengers werenot expected to fill out more than one form during the survey week. While some passengers undoubtedly did so, survey staff is confidentthat a very high proportion of respondents did in fact complete onlyone survey form. As a result, survey results may be more usable -by design - as a profile of passenger general usage patterns,attitudes, demographics than as a literal origin and destination(O&D) study.Nevertheless, passengers were asked to report boarding anddeboarding locations. While not all responses were precise enoughfor O&D purposes and not all passengers filled out both an originand a destination, this data set is available for such future use ascomputer travel demand modeling. A report of these O&D results willbe issued as a separate Technical Memorandum.The survey was conducted in conjunction with a companion count ofpassenger boardings and deboardings by route, run, and stoplocation. A twoperson team was employed for most bus runs. Resultsof this second survey are reported in a separate TechnicalMemorandum.The survey was intended to elicit information on passenger usagepatterns, attitudes about transit service, and demographics. Datasuch as these from current public transit riders can yield cues forservice improvement and new marketing strategies. 1The first part of this Technical Memorandum describes METRO surveyresults for the entire sample of 2,198 respondents. The second partdoes the same, but only for 'commuters", those passengers whoreported that their current trip either began or was to end at work.Complete lists of suggestions for new service and of generalcomments are contained in Appendices D and E.Charts and tables of survey results are grouped together in broadcategories, including respondent trip purpose, usagecharacteristics, user rankings of service attributes, user ratingsof METRO service along these service attributes, and respondentdemographics.Much appreciation is due to METRO management, staff, and passengersfor their assistance in the survey effort. Appreciation is also dueto the Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation Committee (PACTS),the Maine Department of Transportation, and the Federal TransitAdministration, each of which authorized and funded the survey aspart of the PACTS 1995 Planning Work Statement.B. METRO PASSENGER SURVEY: ENTIRE SAMPLESample, by RouteAs shown on Chart 1, a total of 2,198 usable responses werereceived, nearly one-half of them from two routes: #4(Westbrook/Exit 8) and #5 (Maine Mall). Table 1 provides acomparison of distributions of actual ridership by route for May1995 and survey respondents by route, as follows:

Table 1- Actual and Surveyed Passenger Distributions Route
Ridership % Survey % Difference
#1 16% 16% -
#2 11% 11% -
#3 9% 12% +3%
#4 24% 28% +4%
#5 21% 20% -1%
#6 7% 4% -3%
#8 11% 9% -2%

The Pearson's R correlation coefficient of these two numericalsequences is .96; R2 is .93. The difference between the twosequences is not statistically significant at the .95 confidenceinterval. Thus, the survey sample appears to be a good "mirror" ofthe actual ridership by route. Appendix F details this statisticalanalysis.
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3Inter-route TransfersMore than one-half of all passenger transfers originated from eitherRoute #4, Route #5 (Maine Mall) or Route #1 (Congress Street).Chart 2 displays the distribution of respondents who reported havingtransferred from another bus. About 14% of all respondents reporteda transfer.The most frequent interchanges reported were from Route #4 to Route#5 and the reverse. About one out of every nine transfers reportedcame from a South Portland Bus Service vehicle. Chart 3 shows theseinterchanges.About three-fifths of all transfers reported were to either Route#5, #4, or #1. The most frequent transfers reported by passengersabout to change buses were from Route 4 to Route #5, Route #1 toRoute #4, and Route #1 to Route #5. Charts 4 and 5 document theseresults.Trip PurposeA majority of passengers surveyed reported "home" to be the startingpoint of their transit trip. Over 27% and nearly 23% ofrespondents, respectively, reported that 'home" or 'work" was theirtrip destination. More than onethird of METRO passengers reported"work" as their primary trip purpose. just over one-fifth listed"shopping" as the reason for the bus trip that they wereundertaking. Charts 6 through 8 display these findings in moredetail.Usage CharacteristicsAbout 2.5% of respondents reported having used the wheelchair liftto board. just over 35% of respondents said that they used METRO tenor more times per week. At the other end of the use spectrum, aboutone-third of respondents reported using METRO for four or fewertrips per week. Total weekly reported use sums to about 15,000trips (interpreting "one or fewer trips per week" as 0.5 and"fifteen or more" as 20.0), equaling about 65% of typical METROweekly ridership. Using the same interpretive assumptions, theaverage weekly usage rate of respondents was just over 7.5 trips perweek. Almost one-quarter of those surveyed indicated "days ofnormal bus use" as "Monday through Friday', just over 23% 'Mondaythrough Saturday", and about 17% "every day". Average number ofdays using METRO was 4.5. Transportation options reported byrespondents in the event that buses were not available ranged from'walking" (28%), "friend or relative would drive" (27%), "taxi"(14%), "would not make the trip" (11%), and "drive myself"(9%). Smaller proportions of respondents said that they would "bicycle"(4%), "carpool" (4%), or find 'other' means (3%). Charts 9 through14 describe these findings.
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15User AttitudesSurvey respondents were asked to rank a number of important transitservice attributes on a simple scale from 'very important", to"somewhat important", to "not important". Respondents also, ofcourse, had the option of not offering an opinion on the importanceof any given attribute. The attribute list included the following:"comfort", "convenience", 'frequency of trips", "on-timeperformance", "price", 'length of trip", "linkage to othertransportation services", and "clarity of schedule and map".The sections to follow report results of this portion of the METROpassenger survey.User Attitudes: New ServicesNearly one-half of respondents offered suggestions for new METROservices, typically either new routing or scheduling. The mostfrequent suggestions were "increase Sunday service" (271respondents),"serve Walmart" (111 respondents), and "later service"(109 respondents). Charts 15 and 16 describe these findings. Appendix D lists all suggestions for new service offered by surveyrespondents.User Attitudes: Comfort and ConvenienceWhile just over 35% of respondents ranked "comfort" as "veryimportant", more than three-fifths gave that ranking to"convenience". This appears to underscore the utilitarian nature of transit use. Charts 17 and 18 show passenger rankingsof these two attributes.User Attitudes: Service, Price, and InformationAfter "convenience," 'on-time performance' and "frequency of trips"received the second and third highest proportion of 'very important"rankings: 59% and 58%, respectively. The emphasis on scheduleadherence and service frequency suggests that transit patrons arelike the population at large in sensitivity to travel time. This isnot surprising since utilitarian travel is what economists describeas a 'derived demand": a preliminary necessity to the primarypurpose of work, shopping, medical care, recreation, etc. Charts 19and 20 describe passenger ranking of these two time-related serviceattributes.In contrast to "very important" ranking on 'price" given by over 70%of Casco Bay Island Transit District ferry passengers to a similarsurvey in 1994, fewer than one-half of METRO passengers gave thehighest importance to this service attribute., This may be due totwo factors: higher fares on the ferry service and availability ofother options for bus transit users (thus diversion 16to other modes of those who may feel that bus fares are burdensome).Chart 21 provides additional detail on results for this service attribute.Just under one-half of respondents considered "clarity of scheduleand map" as "very important". More than two-fifths said the samefor "linkage to other transportation'services". These resultssuggest the importance of more "seamless" transit service, withreadily understandable user information and efficient transfersbetween modes and services (e.g. bus to bus, bus to ferry, bus torail, etc.).Perhaps surprisingly, "length of trip" was considered "veryimportant" by fewer than 30% of passengers surveyed., Charts 22through 24 display these findings.User RatingsRespondents were asked to rate METRO's performance on the same sevenservice attributes that they had ranked in importance. Performanceratings -were on a "good", "fair", and "poor" scale.User Ratings: Comfort and ConvenienceJust under, 52% and just over 53% of respondents, respectively,rated METRO's "comfort" and "convenience" as "good". Conversely,fewer than 2% thought METRO rated a "poor" on each attribute. Charts 25 and 26 describe these results in more detail.User Ratings: Service, Price, and InformationMETRO received generally favorable respondent performance ratings onattributes of transit service, price, and information. Theseratings ranged from just over 49% of respondents giving METRO a"good" mark for clarity of map and schedule" to just under 43% for"linkage to other transportation services". In each of the fivefactors in this grouping METRO received a "poor" rating from fewerthan 5% of passengers surveyed. Depending on the attribute,however, from about one quarter to nearly one-third of respondentschose not to rate METROs performance. A focus group session with arepresentative group of passengers may be helpful in eliciting amore complete I picture of METRO customer satisfaction. Charts 27through 32 provide additional detail on customer ratings of METROperformance on the five attributes.---------------1 Survey of Casco Bay Island Transit District Passengers, Greater Portland Council of Governments, November 1994.2 As one source has succinctly put it:" minute of waiting equals about two minutes of riding." Reference Manual, Quick Response System II for Windows, AJH Associates, Milwaukee, WI, 1993, p. 138.
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35Service Attribute Rankings in Comparison to User Ratings of METROPassenger rankings of generic transit service attributes were cross-tabulated with passenger ratings of METRO performance on the sameattributes. By these comparisons, METRO generally did best amongpassengers who considered a given attribute to be "very important".For "comfort", 562 of the 781 passengers (72%) who gave thisattribute a high ranking rated METRO performance on the attribute"good". Only 23 passengers (3%)in this category gave METRO a "poor"grade. For "convenience", the corresponding results were 964 out of1,399 passengers (69%) rating METRO as "good", compared to 34passengers (2%) who graded METRO's performance on this attribute as"poor". Results for "frequency of trips" and "on-time performance"were parallel. About three-fifths of passengers who considered eachof these attributes to be "very important" gave METRO a "good" mark,compared to about 7% who graded METRO's performance as "poor". Charts 33 through 40 present these findings in detail.Passenger rankings of four additional attributes were cross-tabulated with ratings of METRO performance: "price", "length oftrip", "linkage to other transportation services", and "clarity ofschedule and map". From just under three-fifths to more than two-thirds of passengers who gave each of these attributes a "veryimportant" ranking also gave METRO a "good" performance rating. From 5% to 6% of respondents who valued each of these attributesthought METRO's performance to be 'poor". Charts 41 through 48 givecomplete detail on these results.
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46User DemographicsMETRO passengers were asked a series of demographics questions,including "age", "sex", "occupation", "household size", "householdincome", and "autos per household". These data are important increating a profile of METRO users. In addition, creating these datasets makes possible a large number of sub-samples and cross-tabulations by demographic category. While only limited data setcomparisons of this type are reported in this (already voluminous)report, computer databases are now available for special studies byMETRO, the Greater Portland Council of Governments, or the MaineDepartment of Transportation.User Demographics: Age, Employment, Household Size, and AutoAvailabilityJust under and just over 30% of respondents, respectively, reportedthemselves to be in the 18 to 30 and 31 to 45 years of agecategories. More than 72% of surveyed passengers said that theywere 45 years of less in age. A little less than 17% placedthemselves in the 46 to 54 years of age category. Distribution ofrespondents by sex was roughly even, with a division of 55% femaleand 45% male. Charts 49 and 50 summarize these findings.Nearly two-fifths of respondents listed their primary occupationalstatus as "employed full time". An additional one-sixth listedthemselves as a "full time student"; one-quarter describedthemselves as either 'retired" or "employed part time". Over two-fifths of respondents gave their secondary occupation as "employedpart-time". In general, most respondents reported themselves aseither working or in school. This may belie the commonly heldperception of transit patrons as predominantly retired seniorcitizens. The two most typical age and occupation combinationsreported by respondents were, in fact, '31 to 45" and "employed fulltime" and "18 to 30" and "employed full time". Charts 51 through 56provide detailed results for primary and secondary occupation.Respondents reported small household sizes. Nearly 32% said thattheir household consisted of only one member; about 28% reported twopeople in their household. By comparison, average Cumberland Countyhousehold size as of the 1990 Census was 2.53. At the other end ofthe spectrum, fewer than 12% of surveyed passengers were part of ahousehold with five or more members. As might be expected, olderpassengers reported the smallest household sizes. Charts 57 and 58detail these findings.A majority of respondents said that their households had noautomobiles; just under 28% reported only one car. In contrast,Cumberland County had an autos per household rate of 1.69 as of the1990 Census. At the other extreme, a mere 4% reported being inhouseholds with more three or more automobiles. As might beanticipated, METRO passenger households appear to be far less"motorized" than the region's typical household. Passengers 65years and over in age tended to be the least motorized" of allrespondent age categories. Charts 59 and 60 display these results.
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57User Demographics: Household IncomeNearly 56% of METRO passengers surveyed reported household incomesof under $20,000. An additional one-sixth listed their householdincome as between $20,000 and $30,000. This contrasts with a medianincome of Cumberland County residents of $34,258 reported in the1990 U.S. Census. Thus, the typical METRO passenger householdappears to be of modest income. At the higher end of the scale,fewer than 7% of respondents reported belonging to households withincomes above $45,000. Charts 61 though 67 profile respondenthousehold income, as well as provide cross-tabulations of incomelevel, household size, and age category.
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62C. COMMUTERSA separate tabulation of survey results was compiled for commuters,those survey respondents who reported 'work" as either the origin ordestination of the bus trip that they were taking. Just over 32% ofpassengers fell into this category (705 out of 2, . 198). The datato follow provide a profile of METRO's commuting passengers.Commuter Usage CharacteristicsRoute #4 (Brighton Avenue) had the largest number of commuters, 220,while Route #6 (North Deering) had the highest concentration ofcommuter respondents, just under 41%. The lowest such concentrationwas on Route #8 (Pine Street), just over 17%. Table 2 compares thedistribution of all respondents by route to the distribution ofcommuting respondents.
Table 2 Total Respondents and Commuter Respondents Distributions
Total Commuter % CommuterRoute Respondents Respondents Respondents
#1 360 103 28.6%
#2 239 89 37.2%
#3 232 72 31.0%
#4 617 220 35.7%
#5 432 143 33.1%
#6 76 31 40.8%
#8 196 34 17.3%
#6/#3 46 13 28.3%
Total 2,198 705 32.1%

Note: italicized percentages under Commuter Respondents" indicate higher than system-wide average.Not surprisingly, commuter respondents are frequent METRO users. While 43% of all respondents reported using METRO eight or moretimes each week, 57% of commuters estimated their usage rate at thatlevel. Interpreting "one or fewer" trip per week as 0.5 and"fifteen or more" trips per week as 20.0, commuters reported anaverage 8.7 bus transit trips per week, compared with about 7.5 forall respondents. More than three-fifths of METRO's commutersindicated "days of normal use" of "Monday through Friday". Nearly56% reported "Monday through Saturday" use and more than one-fifthreport "every day" use. Commuter respondents described use of awide range of options in the event that METRO were not available fortheir trip. The most popular of these included being driven by a'friend or relative" (27%), "walk" (25%), "drive myself" (14%),"taxi" (14%), and 'would not make trip" (9%).
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67Charts 68 through 71 detail these commuter respondent distributionsby route and commuter bus transit usage characteristics. Commuter AttitudesA slight majority of METRO commuters surveyed offered new servicesuggestions. Chart 72 summarizes the distribution between thoseoffering and not offering such suggestions. These ideas arecontained in the complete list provided in Appendix D.Commuters, like other respondents, were asked to rank in importance- from livery important" to "not important" - a series ofgeneralized transit service attributes. Other than for "comfort", ahigher proportion of commuting respondents than of passengers fromthe entire sample ranked various transit service attributes as "veryimportant". The differences were clearest in the importance givenby commuters to three utilitarian attributes:"convenience", 'frequency of trips" and "on-time performance". Table 3 summarizes these findings. The differential betweencommuting and noncommuting respondents is even more marked thanindicated on Table 3 due to the inclusion of commuters into theentire sample results.
Table 3 Comparison of Commuter and Entire Sample
"Very Important" Rankings of Transit Service Attributes "Very Important" RankingAttribute
% Entire Sample % Commuters Difference "Comfort" 35.4% 31.2% -4.2% "Convenience" 63.4% 71.8% +8.4% "Frequency of Trips" 58.2% 66.4% +8.2% "On-Time Performance" 58.7% 69.4% +10.7% "Price" 47.8% 51.1% +3.3% "Length of Trip" 29.7% 30.2% +0.5% "Linkage to Other Tran." 40.9% 41.1% +0.2% "Clarity of Map 50.0% 54.0% +4.0%

One of the more emphatic findings of the survey of commuters'ranking of service attributes is the stress given to "convenience"in transit operations. While just under 72% of commutingrespondents ranked this as a "very important" factor, less than 1%said that it was "not important". Charts 73 through 80 describecommuter rankings in detail.
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77Commuter Ratings of METRO ServiceAs with other respondents, commuters were asked to rate METR0performance on the same transit service attributes that they hadpreviously ranked in importance. On the whole, METRO receivedfavorable marks from commuting respondents. The most favorable wasthe 59% grading METRO's performance as 'good' on "convenience",contrasted with only 2% were rendered a rating of 'poor. The lowestproportion of "good" ratings was 45%, for 'linkage between METRO andother transportation services and facilities". On the other hand,only 3% of commuter respondents gave METRO a 'poor" on thisdimension. As with other attitudinal questions, a minority ofrespondents, ranging from just under 14% to just over 28% dependingon the attribute, expressed no opinion on METRO's performance. Asfor the case of the entire sample, follow-up focus group sessionswith a representative group of METRO commuters (and perhaps othercommuters who do not presently use METRO) would provide a more fullytextured portrait of customer (and potential customer) opinion. Charts 81 through 88 catalog this grading by commuters.
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Commuter DemographicsAs might be expected, the predominant age range, of METRO commuterssurveyed was from 18 to 64. just over 93% of commuter respondentsreported themselves as part of this broad age band, compared to justover 77% for the entire sample (which, of course, also includescommuters). Nearly threequarters of surveyed commuters placedthemselves in the 18 to 45 age band, compared to three-fifths forthe entire sample. The commuter sex balance was a more even 48%male and 52% female, than the 45% to 55% split for all respondents. Charts 89 and 90 contain distributions of METRO commuters by age andsex.Commuters who responded to the passenger survey reported householdsof similar size than did the entire sample of respondents. About63% of commuters said that their households consisted of one or twomembers, compared just under 60% for all respondents. In contrast,37% of commuters and just over 40% of all respondents indicatedhousehold sizes of three or more members. Commuter respondents didreport somewhat higher auto availability than that claimed by allsurveyed passengers. While 53% of commuters said that theirhousehold had an automobile, only 44% of all passengers made thesame claim. Chart 91 and 92 contain detail on commuter householdsize and household automobile availability.Commuters also reported higher household incomes than those thatprevailed for the entire sample. About 42% of commuting respondentssaid that their annual household income was above $20,000, comparedto 34% for the entire group of passengers surveyed. About 37% ofthe entire sample indicated a household income of below $10,000,contrasted with only 22% for the commuters. Chart 93 contains adistribution of commuters by household income category.
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Appendix A Survey Instrument METRO
Customer Survey Please help METRO serve you better by filling out this survey and returning it to one of the staff people on board.
1. Where did you get on this bus?(nearest street intersection, street address or major landmark)
2. Did you transfer from another bus to this bus? Yes No
If yes, which bus route did you transfer from? (circle one)#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #8 #6/3 S. Portland Bus
3. Will you transfer to another bus when you get off? Yes No
If yes, which bus route will you transfer to? (circle one)#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #8 #6/3 S. Portland Bus
4. Where will you be ending this METRO trip?(nearest street intersection, street address or major landmark ofyour last bus stop on this trip)
5 a. This trip began at b. This trip will end at (circle one): (circle one): Home Work Shopping School Other
6. Did you use the wheelchair lift system to board the bus? Yes No
7. How many trips do you make by bus each week? (One trip = one way) (Circle only one)1 or fewer 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 or more trips/wk
8. Which day(s) of the week do you normally ride the bus? (Circle all that apply) Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
9. If the bus were no available, how would you make this trip? (Check one only) Drive myself Friend or relative would drive me Carpool Taxi Walk Bicycle Would not make the trip Other
10 Are there places and/or times you would like METRO to serve that it does not presently? Yes No
If yes, please list these places and/or times Continued on other side
11 How important to you are each of the following aspects of bus service? Very Somewhat Not(check 1 line for each aspect) Important Important ImportantComfortConvenienceFrequency of tripsOn-time performancePriceLength of tripLink to other transport servicesClarity of schedule and map
12 How would you rate the following aspects of METRO's service in these area? No(check 1 line for each aspect Good Fair Poor OpinionComfortConvenienceFrequency of tripsOn-time performancePriceLength of tripLink to other transport servicesClarity of schedule and map
13. What is your age? Under 18 31 to 45 65 to 79 18 to 30 46 to 64 80 or over
14. Are you? Male Female
15. Are you? (check all that apply) Employed part time A full time student A full time homemaker A part time student Seeking employment Employed full time Retired
16. How many people in your household? 1 2 3 4 5 or more (circle one)
17. How many autos does your household own?(circle one) 0 1 2 3+
18 What is your total annual household income? Less than $10,000 per year $30,001 to $45,000 $10,001 to $20,000 more that $45,000 $20,001 to $30,000
19. Please make any comments you may have about METRO service in the space below (What is the single most important improvement METRO could make?) Appendix B - Map of METRO Routes
Click HERE for graphic.
Appendix C - METRO Timetable

Appendix D - Suggestions for New ServiceSuggestions for New ServicePortland to Mall Early SundayGorhamWalmartTo run on SundaysS. Portland residential sectionTwo or three on SundayYarmouthCape Elizabeth, Walmart-ScarboroughSouth PortlandForest Ave. intown on SundaysHave bus run Sundays #8 on Sunday #8 on SundaySundaySundaysRt. 2 on SundayChurch on Sunday morning SundaysSunday service to RivertonSunday service to RivertonOld Orchard BeachLater service on #2Sunday Rt. #49:15 Congress to Munjoy Hill nights.Walmart and beaches in summer Service to Munjoy Hill from USM after 99:20 a.m.Rt. #6 should go into #3 Pleasant Hill Rd., ScarboroughSunday service #3 leave Pulse in afternoon 45 min service to local beachWalmart/kmart Scarb, Richs/kmart FalEarlier in the morning going to Wash AveOcean Ave & shuttle from WindhamThe beachLater night from Deering intownShop n save on SundaysOcean Ave. to intown; #3 past DHSDirect to the mall from N. DeeringBus to work on SundaysCould use to work on SundaysAll buses on SundayMore trips on Sundays#6 and #3 on Sundays againBus #3 to run on Sundays#6 bus on Sunday # 6 bus on SundaySundays & later in eveningsClarks pondS.Portland Red bank 6 p.m. or laterThe movies and home quartersFreeport shopping mall9:30 p.m. at the Mall, Sunday thru airportCould connect better on Pine St.Later tripsVarious scenic runs-Portland Head LightMore S. Portland stopsSunday-Danforth St.Marginal Way-Old Orchard-CommercialDriving closer to HQ SundaysMain Mall RoadMall bus to Danforth Streetincrease service hours on Sundaylast bus from Mall to Munjoy HillWalMart in ScarboroughSunday nights, daily trips WalMartSunday run to the MallFalmouth, Yarmouth, Freeportevenings, Sundays to Mallbetter service on Sunday out to Unum/SBI/BC-BS Sunday a.m. to So. PortlandSunday morning5:30 a.m. run to the MallWalMartlater Sunday service to Mallincrease Sunday hours bus to MLS on Route 5So Portland/Crescent Beach in summerKMart, Falmoutha bus run #5 between 8:40 & 10:10 Mall to downtown after midnightlater bus runs from MallWalMart & FreeportWalMart & LL BeanSunday service to Mallmore runs to the Mall on SundayMall to upper CongressWestbrook to Maine Malllater hours to Monjoy Hill WalMart & Marshalls WalMartSouth Portland holiday servicemore transportation faster transportation increase service hours/ Crescent Beach during summerincrease service hours past 10:00p.m.more trips to Mall areaa.m. Sunday bus to Westbrookon Brackett Streetincrease service routes on SundayWalMart/ South PortlandWalMartexpanded hours from MallOcean Avenue has no servicemore direct airport service from intown Portlandone bus on Sunday at North Deering WalMart in ScarboroughSundayWalMart/Route on Spring StreetRaymond, ME/Cape Elizabeth more on SundaysFalmouthto Hoyt Theatre at the MallSunday a.m.Westbrook to Mall/ Westbrook to Gorhamlate night bus for Congress street expand Sunday ServicesWalMart in ScarboroughScarborough DownsSunday services to MallSunday service from ferry terminalruns to local beaches, movies, Concord Trailwayearlier hours on Sat. & Sundaylater hours on Sunday laterhours on Sunday later hours on Sunday from the Mall So Portland to WestbrookRiver Road Westbrookbus runs every 15 minutes Riverside StreetCumberland Avenuebus #5 between 8:40 & 10:10 #5 Washington Avenue return 6-8 p.m.later hours in the p.m. later hours in the p.m.Maine Mall to Portland between 8:40-10:10 P.M.Marshalls & WalMarttake a quicker route to Mallmore runs from Mall later hours in the p.m. run #8 on Sundays expand hours on Sunday esp. for summerGorham, Windham, etc. increased hours on Sundays WalMartFalmouth Shopping Center WalMart#2 bus on Sundays WalMartShop N' Save on Sunday ball parkMunjoy Hill after 7:30 p.m.L.L. Beanmore than every hour on Washington Avenueincrease service hours on Sundays increase bus runs from Oxford to West Endincrease service hours on Sunday to all routesincrease service hours on Sunday to all routesmore Sunday busesClark's PondOcean Avenue extended hours on weekends extended hours on weekends Prides Corner Bowling Alley on Sundayincrease service hours on Sunday to all routesScarborough, Route OneWalMartextended evenings hours KMart in Falmouth Sundaysmore runs between 11:00 a.m. & 4:00 p.m.more shelters, same schedule every day of weekStevens & Capisic at 11:00 p.m.10:10 p.m. Mall run to go up Congressextended p.m. hours from the Mall WalMart, Brighton Avenue to Westbrookextended evenings hours WalMartSundaysFalmouthextended evenings hours extended evenings hours WalMartRuns to WalMart until 9:30-10:00 p.m. Warren Ave every 1/2 hr-Sunday to No Derringmore Saturday routesSundaysSunday service on Stevens Avenue Cape Elizabeth, Windhamlater hours with bus #6 expanded hours a Sunday run before 9:45 a.m. a.m. bus #8 to leave to Casco Ferry TerminalFalmouth Shop Ctr / Shop N' Save holiday hours later hours to Munjoy Hill/out to HQ/ScarboroughPark Street to St. John15 min. past the hour every hour after 5:00p.m.Congress Street-late at nightexpand service hours bus 3 2:15 pick up Deering students/7:20-9:30p later hours to Munjoy Hill Congress St bus to run later than 7:30 p.m.Sunday #3WalMartWalMartCongress Street after 7:30 p.m.Clark's Pondexpand hours from Mall 8:15 p.m.- 9:40 p.m.a bus schedule between 8:40 p.m. and 10:10 P.M.WalMart in Scarboroughexpand p.m. hours from Mallmore Sunday service/summer runs to beachesWalMart in ScarboroughSunday service to the Mall with a 9:40 pm runSunday service neededbetter weekend service/expand p.m. hoursexpand Sunday Servicerun a normal schedule on SundayFalmouth, Route 1So. PortlandWalMartexpands hours for Mall employees to 11:00P.M.earlier hours on Sundayother mallsexpand hours for R# 2to schoolsodaKMart & WalMartSundayWalMart in ScarboroughNorthGate area for church on SundayWalMartexpand Sunday servicesSundays service to be the same as Saturday'sarea where I catch it from 10am-7pm to Mallbus stop on State & Congress to go to Mallbus stop on State & Congress to go to Mallouter Forest Ave on Weekendslater #2 Yankee Lanes on weekends R# 4 Friday or Sat night till about 2:00a.m.expand Sunday servicesWalMartWalMartWalMarta run from Old Orchard Beach 8am,12pm,4pm 9:30 pm run from Mall to Pulse Saturday (10am - 4 pm)down Westbrook St by HQSunday morning & night 24hr shuttle service to Old Orchard Beach#5 between the hrs. of 8:40-10:10pmShop N' Save, KMart, WalMart Scarborough more stopsexpand Sundays service to the Mall expand Sunday service to the Mallexpand Sunday pm hours expand Sunday hours 11am-7pm earlier am Sunday hours runs to Mall Mall runs by the 1/2 hr after 6:40pm SundaysHQMunjoy Hill 9pm-11pmSundayWalMartSo. Portland runsNo Deering on SundaysFilene's Basement/laterpm hrs at the Mallnot enough buses at Westbrook Gardensexpanded hours for working people#1 to run later at night WalMartWalMartexpand p.m. hours to Munjoy Hillexpand Sunday hoursMarginal WayWalMart, KMart in FalmouthSunday service/ expand p.m. hoursSunday serviceWalMart/Sunday service in So Portlandexpand Sunday hoursOcean Avenueexpand service hours increase Saturday service/expand Sunday pm hrs #2 run latter in the pm/run on Sundays #1 connecting to outbound expand Sunday service 10:00 a.m.WindhamRich's in FalmouthdoctorsFalmouthmore frequent Forest Ave buses to Shop N' SaveSunday serviceWalMart/new Shaw'sMain Street in So Portland2Falmouth/KMart/ScarboroughKMart in ScarboroughWalMartWestbrookbicycle racks on #2 & 5Thomas Drive, Westbrook business hrsSunday servicesroutes outside Portland leave Morrils Corner later for intownexpand pm hours to 11:00-11:30 p.m. more busesmore often than every 1/2 hr/expand pm hoursexpand pm hours expand Sunday service & pm hoursexpand hours to 11:00p.m.Riverton Park out later than 7:15 pmOcean AvenueRich's/WalMartexpand pm hoursbetter linking with other busesYarmouth/Freeport/ScarboroughHQHQ a.m.-p.m.Shop N' Save 9:15 p.m. & 6:15 p.m. Sunday bus to Mall areabus run after 10pm from Mall-intown PortlandWalMart & Shaw's in Scarborough expands the runsto the Mall expand the hours on Sunday to the MallWestbrookWestbrook to the MallWalMart/Brighton Medical CenterWalMart/Clark's Pond/Brignton Med Centerexpands service hours easier from Outer Westbrook to Forest Aveexpand Sundays hours expand Sundays hours to 11:30 pmexpand Sunday hours to 11:30 pm expand Sunday hrs & Westbrook run to 11:30pScarborough expand service hours & Sunday serviceSundays serviceCongress St Munjoy to St John after hoursFreeportSunday for Mall & E. Prom.Riverside ParkReturning Mall bus up Congress Streetlater bus at night to & from Mall WalMartother Mall stops-shuttle?Sunday5:30 am run to Western Ave, So Portlandexpand am & pm hours for working peopleScarborough/Cape Elizabeth9-10:30 p.m.between 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm on SundayOcean Avenueservice hours be the same all week BridgetonForest Avenue on SundayForest Avenue on SundayMunjoy Hill/Congress StreetOcean Ave from Forest Ave to Washington AveOld OrchardWestbrook Hospital, past Exit 8Windham, Gorham shuttleWindham, Gorham, Standish, Cornish#3 direct to Stevens Ave after 6 p.m.Sun/Sat schedule should be the same Riverton bus to run laterWeekday pm between 9:30-10:00expand p.m. hours #2 SundaySunday to RivertonRte 4 to Woodford's more often#4, #5 later at night (24 hrs) #2 on Sunday this trip go to Warren Avenue WalMartSunday service to RivertonSunday and after 7:15 p.m.later at nightWashington Ave on Sunday/WalMart,Funtown more oftenWalMART, KMARTShaw's in Scarborough, WalMart run on Sundays earlier Saturday hoursKMart in Falmouth#2 on Sunday and later hoursholiday hours same as weekdays WalMart in Scarborough SundaysFalmouthBroadway cash area runs to So Portland Washington Ave 10:15 & 11:15 pm Commercial St to the PulseSunday serviceSunday servicedown Brook St. Westbrook connect 2 min later in the morning entire length of Commercial St WalMart every day/Mall more stops later buses on Sunday abbre. Sunday route 8SundayFalmouthmore on Sunday more Sunday service charter the buses for trips more Sunday service inc. #8 WalMartWalMart/bring Rte 7 backmore runs on Sundays & holidays Riverton on SundayWalMartexpand service till 9:00 p.m. Falmouth Foreside expand evening hoursWalMartWalMart/ Clark's Pond more buses on Sunday Freeportmiss bus that meets 7:15am boatOcean AvenueWalMartPine Stbus until 9:00 pm or later KMart/WalMartBall parkp.m. runs for downtown events Sunday runs for people who work #8 run later p.m. hrs/WalMart Sundaysearlier Sunday runsSo Portland, Falmouth, Yarmouth expand evening hoursWarren Ave & Riverside StDeering High School 2:15 p.m.2:15 p.m. bus at Deering5:00 a.m.2:15 p.m. bus at DeeringSundays/expand Sundays pm hrs. a stop on Commercial St.holidays hrs. to MallFalmouth & other outlaying areas WalMartSunday service/expand pm hours Sunday service earlier a.m. hrs on weekends every 20 min on time connect Rt6 to Rt8 w/o an ht waitearlier Sundays a.m. hours In/outbound #6 go along Virginia Ocean AvenueSunday serviceWalMartSunday run to No Deeringmore runs to Stevens AveMetro take over So Portland line Sunday serviceWalMartPortland suburbs areaCape Elizabeth/Fort WilliamsWalMart/Fort Williams/State Parkexpand Sunday pm hours expand service hrs on #8WalMartWashington/Allen run on Sunday expand pm hours on #1 bus Gray, MESunday night outer CongressSat & Sun night until midnight ball game ExchangeSt/So Portland WalMart/Clark's PondKenney ParkMunjoy Hill after 7:20 p.m.WalMartWalMart/Scarborough Gorham/Windham Saturday 6:00 a.m.early SundayCongress after 7:00 p.m.Main St. GorhamCrescent Beach/Old Orchard Beach6:05am/bus leaves 5:55 & 6:25am expand Sunday hours early Sat. & Sun. am hrs before 7 Warwick St or Holm Avenue from 12:00 am - 4:00 ammore Sunday & evening runs Earlier on Sunday/Westbrook5:30 a.m. bus on Saturday Ocean Avenue more frequently on the 1/2 hour So Portland/not happy with service everyday at Westbrook Gardens later No DeeringWestbrook/afternoon & later eve Westbrooklater hrs from Mall on Sun/holidays7:20-Main St. WestbrookGorhamSundaySat & Sun early morning hours5am run Forest Ave & Washington Mall Shop N' SaveMall Shop N' Saveearlier from Westbrook/Mall bus Riverton/Warren Ave all day Forest Ave route on Sundaybegin rte 4-5:30 am to 11:00 pm Sun. on Brighton via Bedford Comm st/Brighton Ave to Westbrook Cape Elizabethruns every 1/2 hr during the day WalMartSunday Brown St at least Sat hrs later on Sunday early am run Riverside St.Gorham/Windham/Yarmouthlater times on Sundays 11:00 a.m.expand runs & pm hrs on Sundaylater at night at least 12 midnightGorham/ USMOcean Avenueexpand weekend hours Longfellow Place again Sundayalong bus route 3 more frequent on SundaysWalMartWestbrook Gardens 12 noonmore runs on Sunday & holidays Hoyts movies in So Portland Windhammore buses for Westbrook Gardens GorhamSo Portland to Westbrookthe same schedule for Sat & Sun late at nightWarren AvenueWashington Ave 1:45-2:00 pmWindam/Gray after 9-10 pmWalMartWalMartexpand pm hrs on Munjoy Hill run Wal Mart/Clark's Pond/Marshalls later pm hrs for St John/Munjoy SundayOld Port Area Commercial Stmore on Sundays later in the dayWalMartFalmouth Shopping Center/KMartlate nightRiverton on Sundays 3:00 pmexpand #1 hrs to 9:00 pm at night & more on Sundays areas outside of PortlandSundaysexpand pm hours in the East end bring back th 7:50 p.m.Riverton into Industrial Park out to No Deering on Sunday Freeportexpand #1 hrs at night & Sunday expand #1/5 hrs night & Sunday Clark's Pond/Hoyts Cinema Clark's Pond/Hoyts Cinema SundaySundayup Cumberland Ave top to bottom expand Sunday pm hours more Sunday servicemore Sunday service earlier bus to make conn. to MallHQ's / BJ'smore service at Westbrook Gar.Longfellow PlaceRiverton on Sundaysgroup home in Westbrook Eisenhauer Drive in WestbrookCape Elizabeth later Portland-Westbrook Pine Knool Terrace 7-9 pm Riverton on SundayWestbrook to Mall with no stops more runs to Westbrook Gardens longer schedule on Sunday Riverside StYarmouth/Gorham/Windham/etcmore buses to outer CongressSMTClater at night have Sunday service for all rtes Westbrook & Gorham Indus. Park Windham/ME Correctional Center Falmouth shopping center more Brighton Ave late at night Freeport/later hrs on weekends Portland & Falmouth line a.m. route on Sunday straight trip to the MallScarboroughSat & Sun schedule to be the same anytime late at nightexpand #8 hrs on Sunday runs after midnight (2nd shift)9am SundaySunday service/p.m. bus Munjoy Brighton Ave rte on Sunday Brighton Ave rte on Sunday So Portland/Falmouth/ME Mallon timeon timeDeering AveWashington Ave on SundayGorham/Windham/Falmouthearly Sun am to Riverside Golf Couskatingskatingdaily runs to WalMart5 am depart. Westbrook M-FWalMartCongress-Munjoy/Routen One #1 should go later on weekendsexpand pm hrs for Munjoy Hillam Sunday/later in the evenings go back to So PortlandSundaysClark's PondCongress St after 7:30 p.m.expand hrs for the Mall runSunday service/later hrs to Mall Warren Ave on Sat & Sunafter 7-10 pm Mon-SatKMart in Falmouth/WalMartGorham 8am -6pmSunday rte 6 No Deering KMart & Rich'sKMart & Rich'slater in the evening So Portland beaches Sunday Willard SquareSunday Willard Square 2:05 pm at Deering High WalMartexpand #1 hours/ WalMart one late bus to Munjoy Hill Rte 1/night till 9 p.m.till 9pm weekdays Congress St WalMartltd later runs esp special events WalMart in Scarboroughmore service / later hoursmore busesback to Merrill Street WalMartSun service on Washington AveShop N' Save near Mall on Sunday1 hr earlier on SundaySunday-blue seatsexpand Sun hrs run to Mall/Westb York CountyFranklin Towers on Sunday other mallsmore Congress runs on SundaysWalMart#8 bus until 8:30 pm/WalMartWoodford-Congr-Old Port/Sat/Sun Ocean AvenueWestbrook bus on Sat/not on time SundayWest brook St Friday 10:30 p.m.WalMart/KMart/Rich'sWalMartWalMart/Burlington CoatsWalMartWalMart/KMartexpand Sunday hrs 9am-8pmlater at night/more frequent am Gorham24 hrs/7 days servicelater run into town from Brighton Westbrook#4 Sunday bus 8-8:30 a.m.Brown St. Westbrook-Sun & wdays movies So. PortlandRich's in FalmouthWalMartSunday to Shop N'Save Forest Ave on SaturdaysWalMart/Scarborough expand #1 pm hrs/Sunday more frequent buses expand runs Munjoy/Marginal Way later Congress St run buses longer/WalMartrun to Munjoy past 8pm on w.end Commercial StCommercial StClarks Pond/WalMart/Sundayrun SundaysSaco Streetafter 7:20 pm on Congress StBostonSunday bus to No Deering WalMartexpand runs on Sunday & evenings more runs on Sundays more buses on weekendsWalMart in ScarboroughBrown St serviceSunday morning before 10 amto workUnum in Scarboroughruns until 8 pm on Sundaynight Marginal Way to AAAmore buses on Sunday more frequent trips esp Sundayto B.P.X. on Saturdays #8 weekends Shop N' Save Plaza Clark's Pond & Gorham #4 make the loop at the "Rotary" more evenings & Sunday runs #2 more evenings & Sunday runs Yarmouth & Freeport service WalMartexpan runs & hrs on Sundaybe on time#5 between the hrs 8:40-10 pm more buses to Mall on Sunday #3/6 later scheduled times Longer Westbrook run on Sundaylater at night/beaches in summer more Sunday runsWestbrook to Malllater buses comint into Westbrooklater Sunday evenings later service in the evenings Maine Mallmore frquent trips esp on #6 Riverton on Sunday later bus during week 10 pm Bridge St Westbrook to Mall Sundays1:00 later in the evenings & Sun all the way down to Brook St better Sunday serviceRay StreetScarborough/Falmouthmore Sunday tripsSunday service on 2 or 3more Mall runs on Sundaymore often at odd hoursOcean Avenue homeholidays 1 hr earlier & later on Sundaymore exit 8 buses in evening MarshallsWestbrook Garden during the day WalMart/later service at night Sundays & later routes expand hrs for #3 & 4 til 7:30 pm WalMartWestern Ave So Portlandexpand Sunday's hours Warren Ave to the mill at 6 am expand hrs #1 Munjoy/#6 Sunday Konica Rte 1, Scarborough Gorham#4 every 1/2 hr Brighton-Brown WalMartfrom Summit to Maine MallSundayexpand pm hoursSundaydown to Harvard St on Sunday expand hrs on Sunday early am from Allen Ave-Pulse Rich's & KMartFalmouthWalMartFreeport/YarmouthSundaysSundaysexpand pm hoursSunday Morning rte #3 or #6 Stevens Ave after 6 pmexpand pm serviceMunjoy Hill at 2:30 pm #6 bus on SundayWindham/ expand pm hoursshopping center in ScarboroughEisenhower Dr. WestbrookWalMart & KMartFalmouth/KMart/Rich'sWalMart/Falmouth#3 go further to Baxtersame route on SundaysWalMartSundays #6 Washington/Veranda#6 to No Deering on SundaysClark's Pond/HoytsKMart stores in FalmouthSam's Club at 2:30 pm M -TH airport on SundayNo Deering on Sunday Sunday runs6:15-7:15 bus where Rte 3 discon later runs on Congres & Stevens A Washington Ave on Sunday Westbrook/downtown after 8pm buses run until midnight bus #3 on SundayClark's Pond Road So Portland suburbsWalMart in ScarboroughGroham/esp events at USM pm hrs expand pm hrs to Westbrook, mall more on Sunday more streets in Westbrook till 2 am 7 days a weekHamlet Tr Pk, Westbrookexit 8 9:30 p.m.more oftenexpand am hrs for working pass. Cresent Beach/more buses Sunday more runs on all routesWestbrook Gardens-a few daily WalMart on Sat.Westbrook direct to MallSaco St in WestbrookYarmouth/Windham/Gorhamlater on SundayMaine Mallexxpand hrs & runs on Sundays 10:10 am & 8pm Spring St Westbrookbeaches/ 24 hours a day more weekend & late night runsClarks Pond/WalMartClarks PondWalMartbus to So Portland Brunswick/Gorham WalMartmore service to Pine St #8WalMart/ Clarks Pond entire length of Commercial StSundaysShop N' Save on Sunday further down Western Ave Combine Congress & Pine aft 6pm more at night timeFranklin Towers on Sunday Sunday-all routesCresent Beach runSunday service rte #8Sunday 6am or 6:15 am (work) expand am hrs, on Sunday. Riverside Stlater on Sundays & holidays 8 or 9 pm Sundays/Westbrook WalMartmore runs on Sundays expand hours on Sunday expand hours on Sunday6 am Sunday morning expand hours on Sunday

Appendix E Comments CommentsProvide service to Yarmouth and FreeportCould use shock absorbersKeeping schedulesWould really like bus to run on SundaysService is great, see no need for improvementMake adjustments to metal framing on bus-it's noisySunday service on 2 or 3It's great transportation around PortlandChange priceHave bus run on Sundays and later in the dayMore buses on Sunday and nightsSunday serviceSunday serviceSunday serviceThanks for all you do.Transportation is good when neededSome of the bus drivers are not niceHave quieter brakesImprove wheelchair lifts, they get stuckMore services to outlying areasNo bus SundayDriving their complete schedules and being on time-bus was late,More service tosmaller buses, better times for PRVTC stopEnjoy kindness from driversCombine #6 w/rt.#3Drivers are very friendly and helpful, Sunday schedules neededBetter shocksCharming bus driver and evaluation ladyLike how they operate now, would like trips to Scarb. & Falm.The buses don't run on timeBeing on time is essentialLike the friendly peopleNeed a closer stop to Northgate-near Cypress St., bus drivers aregreatSwitch to electricSome routes should go later than they doNoiseVery curteous drivers/very helpful, please clarify scheduleHave #1 go to 8:00METRO should make bussing to and from school free for studentsSome of the operators are rude-need interpersonal comm. skillsBe on time oftenI hope Metro can change schedule so people don't have to waitMore trips on SundayMore trips on SundayBus driver attitudesWould like to see John Adams as employee of the year...Friendly driversDrivers are great-very friendly, please don't raise fare Lower theheat when it isn't neededCan be more friendlyThe jetport to the ferry terminal line is quite landableWe live on Peaks island-great to have ferry/jetport serviceConnecting to other towns-mabe have runs from Gorham-WestbVery good servicesOverall satisfaction with MetroMore out of town servicesTransfer from ME Mall #5 to #8 in the evenings after 6 I hope a busto HQ is possible increased Sunday service increase service hours onSunday should offer a family bus pass increase service hours onSunday more routesevenings, Sundays to Mall doing a grest job a 9:15 a.m. run to Mallmore sheltered bus stops lower monthly bus pass earlier Mall bus runto WalMart later Sunday service to Mall increase service hours onSunday bus to MLS on Route 5 increase service hours on all routesmore tripsmore sheltersmore shelters to wait in more trips on Sunday Westbrook to MaineMall later hours to Monjoy Hill better connections when transferingfriendly servicesmore transportation during the day, esp. Sundays increase serviceson the weekends more frequent trips & extended Sunday serviceincrease service hours increase service hours on Sunday too. manyfreaky people on bus/makes him nervous a.m. Sunday bus to Westbrookmore routes on Sundaysdollar bill machine, seat belts for children excellent service forcommuters in Portland new buses are not comfortable as the old onesservice is goodOcean Avenue has no service expanded service on #1 / can't read theVs on the back of bus I am satisfiedvery good servicesexpand hours in the p.m. for Riverton Great Service!Great Service!doing goodexpand Sunday serviceDrivers are very helpful serve an extra dry martini after each ridecheaper prices/free drinks buses need cleaning enjoys the bussmaller busescar broke down so I took the bus home Bus to Mall too crowded/expand Sunday service Good Service!WalMart/ Good service more busespaid for with income taxes/discount passes for students, teachers,staff town employeesbe on time & more frequent trips increase Sunday hours increaseSunday hours with #5 busWestbrook to Maine MallIt is good to have the Metro.bus runs every 15 minutes would make bus travelling more convientbus to stop where I need to get off / concerned with the night runslower the pricebetter seats, seat belts for children bus runs every 20 minutes 90% of the drivers make you feel welcome, 10% do not lower prices, later hours lower prices, later hours the drivers are doing a good job/excellent service better seatingMaine Mall route takes too long Cool!!increase operating hours increase service hours on Sunday bus driverwas not driving very carefullybeing on time#1 bus drivers are very impolite bus run to WalMart bus drivers are very helpful soft seatswell satisfied with service friendly service #2 bus on Sundaysincrease operating hours increase operating hours service/ MLSbike racksmore comfortable seatslower prices if frequency does not go up/ bus is always late more comfortable seats more frequent trips nominating John Adams as employee of the year Sunday service to all routes more routes such as Ocean Avenue city should smooth the bumps on the roads air conditioning during the summer extended hours on the weekendextended hours on weekends happy with service #2 bus on Sunday slow bus driverbeing on timeI enjoy ridingJohn Adams for employee of the month bus drivers that mind their own business 1/2 fare for children 10 yrs old and younger upset with people who will not pay the bus fare and causes the busrun to be late make it more convenient for women with babies in strollersquiet down the buses - brakes, etc. enjoy riding bus/ drivers are very good being on timeextended routesmore frequencyhave schedules on the bus expand p.m. hours keep runningnew buses, trolley bus, cheaper tickets put Jacobs Engine Brakes to decrease brake maint. I love it!more routes and more trips driver consistency; transferring Pulse back to Forest Avenue uncomfortable seats/should have seat beltsThe drivers are the best!promptness of buses/ expand services well run and coordinated expand p.m. hours 2:15 bus to pick up students at Deering keep up the great drivingSunday Service is important run buses on holidays expand Sunday Hours 9:00p.m. bus from the Maine Mall p.m. buses from Maine Mallthe last bus from the Mall could come earlier satisfied and comfortable very goodmonthly pass holders to have a transfer pass with the So. Portland Bus service/bus run to end 5 min. before the hr. most of the drivers are very friendly and helpful expand the p.m. hoursexpand Sunday services nice as isthe noise at times (people)normal schedule on Sunday appreciate airport service the drivers are very friendly hire Tom Selleck people in Wheelchairs should be able to sit with the people they came with be on timedrivers are not courteousexpand Sunday routes / drivers are stopping every 1/2 hr for a 15minute coffee break get me to where I need to be very good job doneexpand service hours need Sunday Service more tripslower faresmore conviences needed for the handicap drivers have been very courtesy and helpful more benches on route while waiting for busexpress to Maine Mall expand Sunday services / a weekday bus between 9:30 and 10:15. promptnesswants to be let off near her home when it is late at night would like Sunday service expand hoursmore personable bus drivers expand Sunday servicesWhen you are old, you don't need a card to show it.KMart & WalMart / bus drivers are courteousRte. 4 schedule gets confusing/ some drivers get cranky the drivers are very kind & courteous to seniors need a bus to go to the JohnRoberts' Road a sign is needed at the bus shelters to inform people of the NoSmoking policy Transfer stamps for seniors expand the service on Sunday to the Mall grateful for the services renderedeverything is fineThe bus drivers are very nice. expand Sunday services frequent trips to Old Orchard Beach expand the frequency of bus runs lower bus fares/too high more room on the bus / lower the fare earlier am and later pm runs to the Mall for the Mall employees later routes to Munjoy Hill expand Sunday hours to the Mall expand Sunday hours to the Mall very good service bus service to Munjoy Hill between 9pm- 11pm very good service Sunday servicedrivers are very politevery goodlower rates for children under the age of 12 (1/2 fare) clean seatsinter city transit systemhave one bus at noon at Westbrook Gardens weekend run to WalMart add a change machine some drivers could be less crabby better serviceHoliday service/ expand p.m. hour for Congress St/ bus that goes toall Beano halls Sunday service/ expand p.m. hours for people who work 3-11p.m.Sunday serviceclean buses regularlyrestore Ocean Avenue run clarify scheduledrivers are great/ leave Elm St on time/ shelters at stops buses running on schedule expand p.m. hours and on Sunday run to Gray/ When is the shuttle starting from Marginal Way?Metro is to be commended for their pleasant and helpful drivers. drivers are very niceMetro have nice bus drivers happy to have the Metro system more women drivers expand Sunday services more bus stopsexpand servics areasbus drivers are rudeexpand services to Mallseat beltscould you offer a group rate for school trips? seat beltsmore distinctive bus stop signs expand bus routeslower fare prices/clearly mark stopping locations more buses/more frequency expand bus routesfare are too high/clearity of schedule still needs work/bus & buysystems is a shamblesput guards around the braces of Wheelchair/people trip on themexpand Sunday service & pm hours lower fares for students bus runs should be on timeSunday service/ later trips to & from Riverton Park more runs during rush hours more runs on main roads/expand pm hours on weekendsdrivers are very pleasant the Metro have polite and courteous drivers bus is never on timemost drivers are pleasant except for Saturday mornings Sunday service to the Mall holiday runs/better Sunday run to the Mall I have always received good service.The Metro is a cheap mode of transportation. earlier a.m. & later p.m. hrs on Sunday to the Mall for the Mallworkers earlier a.m. & later p.m. hrs during the week and weekend It is a good ride.Very good serviceBuses to go from city to city in Maine allow passengers to sit before starting up the bus. I have fallen down because of this. on time performanceIf hospital merger happens, more service to Brighton Avenue. greater access to Scarborough, So Portland, Cape Elizabeth & Gorhamexpand runs to the MallNot bad for a dollar, I guess. staggering Riverton & Stevens Ave service extend Sunday hours to 7:00 pmexpand Sunday hours until 11:30 pm Sunday evening runs better drivingexpand pm bus runs & Sunday runs. Do not raise the fare this year. Excelent service!driver conductall setservice is acceptableI'm satisfied.bus to Riverside ParkPlease consider another Mall bus before 10:10 p.m. each night toavoid the overcrowding on the 10:00 pm bus. surveyors were great!sometimes too crowded-have to standI think the drivers are very nice.early trip to So. Portland (National Semi-Conductor) running two buses in a pack on usually busy stops (Mall) Buses get so packed that it is difficult to stand.expand services further North & South (Falmouth, Scarborough, CapeElizabeth) softer seatsto be on timeMy children and myself enjoy riding the Metro, and it gets me whereI want to go. I think all is fine.arrive on timehave buses run the same hours at night much better than New York City so far Metro's cool!having benches so people could sit while waiting for the bus more shelters at the bus stops-to keep out of the weather bus ride was wonderful very pleased with Metro & the drivers are great. adding some additional points of servicebuses rattle too much/a more direct route would be helpful making buses on time night runs should be till at least 1:00 a.m. - 2:00 a.m.The drivers are very friendly.mark bus stops with bus #// put up schedules at bus stops/ makethe buses cross each other moremore personable employees that aren't rude run all buses on Sundaythe drives are friendly & the service is goodRiverton bus to run later than 7:15 p.m.add a bus in Rte 2-Riverton on weekday nights between 9:30-10:00 p.m.on time performance isn't goodSunday serviceSunday service to Rivertonon time performanceswalking & biking are better,faster, & cheaper than the Metro#8 leave ME MED, down Bracket,across Comm-St, up Franklin, downCumberlain,up Deering Ave.courtesy#2 bus Riverton should run on Sunday timing to link to So Portland is 5 min off in my case more service on Sunday expand evening hoursthe drivers are friendly & courteous more Sunday services on timeschedules to better fit So Portland residents on time performanceIt is goog when you need it.lower price on bus pass for those over 65/more Saturday servicerun regular hours on holidaysSunday schedulingbus runs to Falmouthneed to be smoother in starting & stopping/more ventilation as wellas comfort seat belts for childrenputting a stop in front of 997 Washington Ave outbound/winterextreme danger should be paid out of income tax/link up with the Concord TrailwaysSunday serviceconnection to So Portland bus add air conditioning to buses for summer comfort needs air conditioning year round courteous driverstry to stop at regular stops good bus serviceI think #8 is beltsmore Sunday service to Maine Mall very good jobFor the most part, the drivers are courteous. It's fine.Most drivers are friendly. Keep up the good work. all good onesI think some drivers could be be friendlier to us. It's just great.a route that goes from Washington Ave to Forest Ave w/o going past Allen Ave. finds the lack of service on holidays very inconvenientbeing on timeMetro is great. I appreciate it. Metro service is very good. very congenial driversexpand service hours in the evenings & Sunday stick to theirscheduleI am very pleased with the patience the drivers have with elderly &handicap.finemore trips on Saturday & SundayBe sure to put step down when older people lift groceries onto thebus More Sunday Serviceshorten the Shop N' Save run to downtown Portland/omit Maine Medicalleg drivers should smile more extend #5 run to WalMartDo you accept credit cards?Metro on 5 till time at M.L. poorhave clean windows/less bumpy rides/less screaching of the wheelsbus service is goodbus service is excellentsome evening trips for downtown eventsSundays runs for people who workmore accessability to other areascoming up Franklin Art to Franklin Towers w/o going all overtownfrom S. N' S. Service is excellent.more benches at bus stops/more frequent runs on #5,3 & 6 eliminate the stigma that the Metro is only for the retarded/handicap trips to Major work related areas-not just shopping areasmake runs every 1/2 hr instead of every hourYou guys are great!I think all routes should run every 1/2 hour. bus driverto have bus #3 out in front of Deering at 2:15 p.m. run morefrequently on Sundays a stop on Comercial Street want later hoursfrom BJ's cut out Maine/Virginia run off Washington AveI'd like the 6:15 am bus to take me in Unifirst so I wouldn't haveto walk so far. buses to run up to 10:00 p.m. increase frequency oftrips very happy to be riding the busI'm satisfied. Would like the evening runs to be more on time.Stop when someone is running/come every sched. time/make sched.readable a clean busrunning all day on Sunday Rte 3 or 2The drivers are very nice to the passengers.improve marketing/appeal to environmental impact/lesscars/convenience I'm very satisfied /drivers are very courteous. beon time and run SundaysGood service, Thanks.a bus run to WindhamIt is a very good service. be on time be on time/a run every 1/2 hour/we pay good money, we want goodservice.keep 3 service same through early or late evening protected bus stops /benches with roofsI have used Metro for 10 yrs. You do a great job, but buscleanliness is an issue. It's great.Some of the drivers could be friendlier & more attentive to theneeds of the riders. be on timegiving transporation/people live in Portland stranded areas. more runs on all lines and a bus out to WalMart I love it.a WalMart run would be niceThank you for filling my needs. You have one driver that is rude to the elderly. free Great service.without the Metro , peole would have to walk long distances Keep on as isvery good serviceSaturday night servicea run to the Mall between 10:10 - 10:40 p.m. or 10:10 - 11:10 stopat all bus stopsthing that come to mind is Ralf keep up the good work excellent bus drivers but 2 ugly ones more busesbuses should not stop on the cross walks near the schools very grateful the bus service is here when I need it the service is greatplease be on timeI like the service very much. the service is fine/Some of thedrivers (ladies) should be a bit more polite. I am very comfortable and safe riding the bus/drivers watch out for passengers. more shelters for people to stand/bus areas that are better markedmost drivers are kind & helpful/some are kind of arrogant scheduling to better coincide with So Portland bus service connecting of rtes only through Pulse makes the use of Metro frustrating leaving on time at night from Elm Street have early Sat & Sun runs/Your drivers are always friendly. Metro is the best!It's fine.more Sunday runs for people who work/evenings runs for collegestudents doing a great job & the prices are right drivers are very courteous & friendly/it saves gas expand the service hours/on time performance hill bus should be included in Pulse system don't end services, I need it to go get medical have buses on Ocean Ave/have to walk from Gleabler Rd toWoodfords Comer On return trip, the bus stop is still 1/2 mile frommy home on Woodford Comer. more frequent stopsrides more frequentlythey all do a very good job. lower pricesSaturday should be treated as a weekday lower the fare to 50cts/schedule should have exact time of import. stops. get the littlepunks that ruin our buses off leave the fare at $1.00more bus runs around 4 -5 p.m./conveince (key word) more buses tocover a bigger area/not just Westbrook I wouldn't want more fomfortat the cost of a higher fare. driver's are very nice & helpful fullSunday servicecompared with the So Portland service,Metro is just perfect 1/2price fare for people who get off in the same city they got on thebus. run a little earlier on rtes 6 & 4, to connect at the PulseStation offer more major stops-consider people who use the bus toget to work fix the squeaky brakes on all the buses/ expand thehours of service more service on Sat/ bus drivers are friendly/priceis excellent snow & ice should be removed from shelters/drivers arevery well trained/safe Metro provides good service and everyoneshould use it.Monthly passes should be 1/2 fare for handicapped & elderly people.drivers are helpful/ clean buses better drivers are excellent &pleasant. better Sunday service/match Saturday's scheduleBe on time.It is better organized than So. Portland.more bus stop sheltersmore outgoing runs from Elm St between 6-7 p.m.I've used the Metro for 10 yrs & find it to be very reliable andconvenient. Metro does an excellent job/drivers are alwayscourteous.all Ato clean the floors on the bus/they are dirty everthing isfine/please do not remove Brown St, Westbrook run very useful, thankyou more buses on the same route /every 15 min have bus service toGorhamI'm happy with your program esp. the bus & buy.most drivers are helpful & courteous (didn't like Saturday's run)no complaintsgo to Old Orchard in the summer/never been make runs every 20 min.bus service has great standards/best service throughout out Mainemore schedules on bus/more helpful & friendly driversmore bus service to Westbrook Gardens things are fine the way theyareSunday and holiday runsclean windows, stop the rattling windows & the squeaky brakes on allbuses usually gooddrivers are good/ safe transportationIt's alright but runs a little late. bus service suits mefine/drivers are warm, friendly & helpful try to be more on scheduleI like the Metro service very much. put up signs with time scheduleson them transfer pass owners who use the So Portland bus linestimeliness at midroute stops or scheduled times more buses toWestbrook Gardens/at least 2 on Sunday please run a bus to Gorham nostops on right going downtown from 295 to past the post office onForest Av extend service to & from Portland to So Portland &Westbrook good job /keep it upmore buses running earlier & later on Sundays fine with me/keeps meindependent/drivers are great keep up the good work & service seatsare not comfortable more, comfortable seats for driver & passengersthank you for the service more buses on Washington Ave/No Deeringexcellentvery good service & friendly drivers/keep up the good work goodhave transfers that are good for 3-4 hours never on time/makes itreally inconvienent I'm very glad we have Metro. younger childrenshould be free to Old Port area/discount bus to Casco Bay lines moreservice on Sunday timeI like the cleanliness compared to So racks on bus/windows that stay closed/WalMart the buses shouldbe much cleaner expand routes to area that are not covered more runson SundayMetro does a great job/well pleased with performance some driversdrive slowI enjoy riding the Metro.none to my knowledgemake better connection for Congress bus with Elm Stlower the fare for monthly passes esp. people who ride Mon-Fri.less confusing schedules/ rte 3 & 6 after 3 pm/more buses onCongress later service to the East End bring back th 7:50 p.m. Mon-Sat #6 should go to Washington Ave every 1/2 hr in the afternoon ontimelater evening hours on # 1 /later last bus in from Mall laterevening run on #1 /Sunday service bus service after 7pm they are ontimelater bus runsmore Sunday servicemore Sunday serviceexpand the route schedule seat belts for childrensend buses to Westbrook Gardens more often come back to longfellowplace to make better conn. to Mall & on Sunday be on time & don't belate providing a commuter line to Eisenhauer Industrial Park inWestbrook bus to Cape Elizabeth/service & price are great/Mall busto Red bank free ridesmore buses to Pine Knoll Terrace/make Walter & Otis stick to thesched lower the fare/cover more routes/Sunday run to Riverton moreruns to Westbrook Gardens some drivers are not as friendly as theyshould be fairly convenientMetro buses should be in service on Sundays until 7:00 pm. clean thefloors on the buses direct route from Westbrook to MallMetro should run on Sundays & holidays cut down of the noise &exhaust fumes consistency to arrival times amongst drivers/thanksfor the service the drivers should be more accurate/not coming earlyso he/she can get coffee try to be on schedule most of the time verygood service for the publicI think everything is ok. thank you for the service you ask too manypersonal questions a few drivers are not as cautious as they shouldbe bike racks on the busesI enjoy riding the Metro/it's my only transportation excellentservice/very responsible and on time service friendly driverswould like a shuttle service to Windham/Me Correctional Center/flatrate more buses on Sundaywhen the bus is late making the pulse & I miss my transfer, I amlate for work later bus runs (past 10:30 p.m.) lower faresout of Westbrook accessing the Mall/changing buses takes too longAll drivers do a great job!! keep the buses clean bus run for a.m.service for $3 on Sunday a straight run to the Mall from Portland &Westbrook make schedules better know(yellow pages) extend down rte1 to, Scarborough without this service, I would be forced to moveand give up a part time job evening service is poor some driverscan be very rude buses for 2nd shift employees to 1:00 am to be ontime/earlier service on Sunday (9:00 am) they do a great joblower fares for volume usage i.e. 3 month pass, $60 more bus & buystickers available in Downtown Portland stick closer to scheduleall bus drivers are nice people thank youshould come more often esp. in the colder months more shelter toget out of the weather & more frequent buses keep service/importantbus should run more often on Washington Ave and on Sunday trips tomore location early morning runs on Sunday for people who work moredrivesmore drivesmore stop for elderlyI'd rather wait 5 min for a late bus than 30 min for a missed(early) bus/on time earlier departuresbetter way to get on bus/renting electric one person vehicle in thecity? have a bus up to 9 p.m. for people that go to softball games& concerts #8 leave 10 min too early from Me Med/downtown to Mallto Westbrook on time performance more tripsemployees are nicelater schedules for people who work evenings lower overallfares/children should be free or lower in price more services forp.m. riders after 10:00 p.m. fasteralready greatI've turn for better transportation on better service. get rid of Brucemeeting schedules on time the convenienceexpand the hrs to midnight from Barber Foods #6 bus 8:15 p.m. &9:15 p.m. to go up Munjoy HillCongress St buses after 7:20 p.m. so you could get to things w/otaking a cabholidays runs/run the Congress St until 9:00 p.m. very good jobMall service only good for customers of the Mall not the employees.later & more frequent services on Sunday, esp. to the Mall moreshelters at bus stops to get out of the weather more Sundayscheduling/transfers for "same-line" return (50 cents a fare) beingmore on time bus drivers are nice to people make application tracesfor the disabled easier/more buses on Sat & Sun evening service 6days a week/first Sat bus early as weekdays expand evening hrs toMunjoy hill no complaints about service more frequent buses in thewinter would like to go the KMart & Rich's buses could run till 9p.m./service to Marshalls/HQ very goodmore smilesgood peoplemore bus runs on Route 1 after 7:20 p.m. no time limit ontransfers/l/2 price mthly pass for seniors & handicap people no timelimit on transfers a person who rides the bus s/b on the Metro boardnot someone from city hall buses with more seats/more runs on sameroute one of the necessities in my life is afforable public trans/ifnone ... I leave being on timemore buses/longer hours bus frequencyShop N' Save on Sunday earlier buses on Sunday so I don's have towalk on rainy Or snowy days blue plastic seatsrun till 9 p.m.keep up the good workbuy 10 ride senior tickets @ Shop N' Save some drivers could be morepolite publish individual route maps & schedules more comfortSunday servicerun #8 on Sunday with later evening hours connections for all busesfrom Munjoy/2 buses on Sun every 1/2 hr from Mall overall very goodlater trips/pricethe price/clearly marking the bus stops for the riders a schedulefor visually impared people cushioned seatsto be on time according to bus schedule fullschedule on Sundaylater Sunday hourskeep smiling!musicgoing from Riverton-Westbrook at Woodford's Comer-can not make itWestbrook from Prides #2'on Sat leaving at 8:40a.m. all in allservice is very good & drivers are mostly helpful transfers s/blonger/public member on Metro board/drawing for free mthly passlater service on Rte #2 during the weekI feel that it often takes me extra time, but I can depend on theMetro. run a bus to downtown So Portland/S.P.B.S. is not reliableI don't ride frequently enough to have a comment. expand servicehours to later in the day better coordination at Elm St betweenbuses & drivers so transfers can be made a beach bus to Scarboro,Higgins, & Cresent in the summer more runskeep kids quiet from the Mall on intown busRalph is the best driver.later pm service to the hill area/earlier am service on weekendsbuses to run on holidays/run later on weekends on Congress St don'tride the bus that much lower the bus faremore runs on SundaysMetro is alrightdo survey later in the day Metro is alrightshocksIt's nice but they should have more runs on the weekends. It's avery useful service.Seatbelts for children. It is a state law that children wear seatbelts. excellent bus service for me/thank you very muchThe Metro is a nice thing to have for people that work and go toschool. more Brown St buses on weekends better attitude towards poorpeople, blacks, mixed children getting me to work earlier more tripson weekends/could be easier to get to more places runs later atnight esp. on SundaysBoston subway is cheaper/benches in Deering keep up the good worklower the farean aggressive campaign to market your services esp to the city'syouth more direct routes at connecting times, buses don't alwayswait on transfering passengers. more frequent runs on Sunday espafter 5 m all the drivers announce more Sunday runs more Sunday runsreduce fare for children incl. students with ID Westbrook/BrightonAve service is somewhat slow trips to other areas later hoursit is good but too noisy earlier & more runs on Sunday shortertrips/air conditioning would be niceI think they are doing pretty well you have nice workers andfriendly more Sunday tripsIn general, the Metro is fine. would be nice to have buses to go tothe lake /State Park nothing major to change run more Sundayservice/trips take too long make the monthly bus pass cheaper go toMall without transfering later service on Sunday until 7 Or 8 pmtrips to be more frequent/2 or 3 an hourPlease, no more of these to fill out.most drivers are excellent, extremely courteous & personable justokayhave the buses be on time be on timegood servicehave a bus go on Brown St on Saturday from Westbrook a bus onCongress St after 10 p.m.Sunday service more sheltersmore seatsjust more at night & Sundays good servicelower the farebumpy ride on Veranda St.I need & love Metro/employees are very courteous likes to ride theMetro bus line keep cleanSunday service on 2 or 3 it is very convenient on rainy days youshould have a TV & VCR please make the map easier to read be on timemore often keep the bus prices at a hault driver to say if runninglate/would feel less stress on trip pick me up at my door lowerprices for studentswould be more acceptable if more business people used itshe feels that $2 a day is too much for a student to pay for the busrides be convenient if he could make a connection with So Portlandbus WalMart !!expand Sunday service & other routes thanksdrivers are professional & friendly/keep the length of the trip downneed comfortable seats they are AOKthe same schedule for 7 days a week/after Philadelphis bus, Metro isheaven jobs have moved out of Portland, Metro should move with themhave a stop at the YMCA on Forest Avenue run all points untilmidnight for 2nd shift workers/schedules available on bus lowerprices for students who go to school have a bus go directly fromWestbrook to Mall the service is excellent good servicefun & excitingWe feel like 2nd class citizens when you cut back on routes & hours.longer hoursmore routesplease put new shocks on all buses put bus # on the back of thebus/use fare print on the schedule Metro does a great job/#16-18it's none of your business the bus shouldn't start moving untileveryone is sitting down buses should cover more area esp Yarmouth &Freeport if only Route One Sunday service is imperative!! all busdrivers are very courteous it works for meshorten the tripsMetro is great for mebe more receptive & caring about the complaint of customers we needschedulestoo many drivers are rude/they treat people poorly it is veryconvient for me seatbelts for children under the age of three morebuses/tripsexcellent service/goo work should shovel out bus stops inwinter/liked the old buses John Adams should be bus driver of theyear provides good service/friendly drivers advertise more/get morepeople who have cars to try the bus/it's great Stevens bus shouldrun every 1/2 hour more Sunday servicelike to see a driver recog. award/should be voted by the passengers#6 bus on Sundaysservice is excellent/not very satisfied with the driver named Jeffschedule route to KMart every two hours/Falmouth (please consider) abus to the WalMart area/at least to the Mall around 2:30-3:00 p.m.there should be more Sunday services could use another bus on OceanAve to Forest Ave/ run on Sunday would be great could cut out someof the stops in neighborhoods off major streets alright the way itisIt is discouraging that some rtes run very late/sched should berevised #2cheaper fare/multiple use of transfers/better area coverage being atthe right location on time/it hasn't always been there more routeson Sunday more runs on Sundays keep kids quiet coming from Mallgreater frequency of runs/expand service pm hours goodservice/should rethink Sat. Forest Ave schedule to avoidduplication buses should run later from Mall & Westbrook longer on 1linesome drivers are not as polite as others tell the tall driver thatlittle children need time to get on the bus funMetro is fun to ride on!!longer operating time at least till 1:00 a.m. riding since 1988/only one unpleasant experience more shelters at bus stops fix thebrakes on the buses more oftenthe drivers are pleasant, helpful & considerate frequency of buseson Sundays more buses/more help with cost the same schedule 7 days aweek lower faresI work with MR clients/they are treated with utmostrespect/important to me you run a tough service & do an excellentjob on the most part the buses being on time a run from downtown toCresent Beach/return of Metro news letter be on timeSaco St in Westbrook/clean the inside of all buses/floors are dirtyseat belts for children/more pm buses to West Hosp & Brighton Med 24hour serviceMetro is alright11:00 p.m. weekday run/more bus stop shelters Clarks Pond/WalMartlower costrun on time/more Sunday runs to more places time consummingmore buses on SundayBus to So Portlanddrivers are polite/more comfortable seats/install TV/VCR expand busservice & hrs at night for people who work late restore bus stop inMonument Square by ME Historical Bldg. WalMart/Clarks Pond forweekdays for shopping & movies 9:00 pm Congress St last run toBramhall St from downtown/expand pm hoursWindam/Falmouth/Yarmouth/Freeport/expand pm hrs/add air cond. tobuses more buses on Saturday need Sunday service/ more pleasantdrivers unable to open windows expand pm services during the week &weekends drivers are very nice & helpful improve seats/rough ridefor people with back & other injuries bring #8 down ElmStreet/continue on the Shop N' Save & back up Preble St later tripsin intown area (1 & 8) so mall shoppers can get back home more busesat nightall seems fineSunday servicesome drivers are not niceexcellent service/Sunday to Mall/schedules can be one color-cheapertrip from Shop N' Save back to Pearl & Cumberland-way too long maketrips to Windham & other towns most drivers are courteous, kind, &thoughtful/all are excellent drivers most of the drivers arecourteous/they do an excellent job shelters at bus stopssome drivers should be more friendly an attitude change is neededfor some drivers/they can be rude more buses for the Mall run #5/toofull early morning buses are very important to my household expandam & pm hours run on all holidays & earlier on Sundays more Sundayservice/later service from Washington Ave inbound 11 p.m. nocomplaints for the past 4 yrs. the bus should be not moving untileveryone is sitting down bus stops should be clearly marked goodservice/nice drivers more frequent trips esp on Saturday & Sundaylater hours on the Sunday runs later hours on the Sunday runs somebuses run earlier & some run later late night run 9:15-10:45 pm/7:00am on Saturday/drivers are good & professional later buses goinginto town have the evening drivers not make personal stops (storesetc) later hrs on weekends/more recreational services more busservice/More bus service
Appendix F Statistical Analysis of Respondent and Ridership Distributions by Route Appendix F
Route Ridership Respondents (X) (Y) X*Y X2 y21 16,098 360 5,795,280 259,145,604 129,6002 10,333 230 2,469,587 106,770,889 57,1213 9,233 258 2,382,114 85,248,289 66,5644 23,850 617 14,715,450 568,822,500 380,6896 7,298 98 8,918,640 426,216,025 186,6248 10,284 196 2,015,664 105,760,656 38,416Total 97,741 2,200 37,011,939 1,605,224,767 868,618 TOP Bottom Sq.Rt. of Bottom 44,053,373 2.087E+ 15 45,692,492.85Pearson's R = 0.9641R2= 0.9295Significance Test (T-Test)Confidence level =.95n=7df= n-2=52-tailed testtest statistic = 8.1218Critical value= 2.571null hypothesis: correlation coefficient is not different from 08.1218>2.571; null hypothesis is rejected.

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