About TLCat

TLCat is a National Union Catalog of Transportation Libraries. It is the OCLC Group Catalog supported by the National Transportation Library with the cooperation of the Midwest Transportation Knowledge Network, the prototype regional group, and the National Pooled Fund Study for Library Connectivity which supports State Departments of Transportation participation. NTL makes TLCat available free to the public. Search TLCat to locate holdings in many transportation libraries.

TLCat provides transportation information seekers with the ability to search the collections of many different transportation libraries across the country.

The following documents provide additional information about TLCat and about Transportation Libraries in OCLC.

Transportation libraries considering joining TLCat should contact the NTL. There are 3 ways to join TLCat, through the Library Connectivity Pooled Fund Study, specifically for State DOT Libraries, directly through your OCLC Regional Service Provider, and/or through the National Transportation Library. As the TLCat Sponsor, NTL invites all transportation libraries to participate. Participation may take several different forms depending on the status of the institution. Contact NTL for more information.

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