In April 2000, the North Carolina A&T State University Transportation Institute's Urban Transportation Institute (UTI) funded this project as a means of investigating the modeling of transit issues that are unique to hurricane evacuations in small urban and rural areas located in the state of North Carolina. The Civil & Environmental Engineering Department in the College of Engineering at North Carolina A&T State University collaborated with consultants from the Electrical Engineering Department at Southern University and the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville to perform the research.


This report constitutes the final report for the research project conducted by the Research Team for the North Carolina A&T State University Transportation Institute's UTI.  This research project had several specific research objectives and they were:


        Use a traffic operations based hurricane evacuation model to:


        Determine the expected time to evacuate the entire population under a natural threat such as a hurricane;

        Identify the locations of the potential traffic bottlenecks; and

        Assess traffic operation strategies aimed at mitigating the resulting congestion.


        Present a methodology that uses the scheduling of buses for the purpose of transporting North Carolina's small urban and rural elderly and disabled citizens during a hurricane evacuation.


The investigation of these objectives and associated tasks are presented in Chapter 2.


Research Team Organization


The Research Team was comprised of Dr. Judy A. Perkins (Project Principal Investigator, North Carolina A&T State University), Dr. Ibibia K. Dabipi (Consultant, Southern University), and Dr. Lee D. Han (Consultant, University of Tennessee at Knoxville).  Benjamin Hayes (Undergraduate Student, Civil Engineering), Melanie Hylton (Undergraduate Student, Transportation and Logistics), Tony Reames (Undergraduate Student, Civil Engineering), Jessica Rich (Undergraduate Student, Civil Engineering), Hector Williams (Undergraduate Student, Transportation and Logistics), and Rashad Wise (Undergraduate Student, Civil Engineering) are the other six key members of the research team.