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Summer Conference Season Wrap-up

Amy Emrick (MTKN), Kendra Levine (WTKN), Arlene Mathison (SLA Transportation Division),
Jane Minotti (ETKN), Ken Winter (TRB LIST), and Amanda J. Wilson (NTL)

Slide 2: Agenda:

  • SLA Annual Conference
  • LIST Midyear Meeting
  • NTKN Annual Meeting
  • AASHTO TKN TF at National RAC Meeting
  • Scientific Data Management Workshop
  • ALA Annual Conference
  • Other Summer conferences???

Slide 3: Transportation Knowledge Networks (TKN) Task Force

Slide 4:  Meetings

  • Met July 26, 2010 at the National Research Advisory Committee meeting in Kansas City, MO
  •  Monthly conference calls
    • 1st Thursday, 8:00 to 10:00 Pacific time

Slide 5: Mission

  • The TKN Task Force serves as a forum to develop the concept, understanding, and application of transportation knowledge networks for the transportation sector. The TKN Task Force advocates and supports the rapid and efficient exchange of information resources through development of strategies and the innovative use of technology.

Slide 6: Members- RAC

  • RAC 1
    Gary Frederick, NYSDOT
    Lynn Matis, Mass DOT
  • RAC 2
    Ken Winter, VA DOT
    Sandy Brady, LA DOTD
  • RAC 3
    John Cherney, WisDOT
    Marie Manthe, KDOT
  • RAC 4
    Leni Oman, WSDOT - TF Chair
    Ron Curb, OKDOT

Slide 7: Members - Other

  • RITA            Amanda J. Wilson
  • FHWA        Dawn Vanlandingham
  • TRB            Barbara Post
  • CUTC        Arlene Mathison, CTS
  • SLA TD     Rita Evans, ITS Berkeley
  • ETKN        Ken Winter
  • MTKN       Marie Manthe
  • WTKN       Laura Wilt
  • LIST           Sandra Tucker

Members of all Regional TKNs
Others from Federal agencies, National organizations,

Slide 8: 2009 Accomplishements

  • TKN TF Website is populated
  • Better common understanding of TKNs
  •  Transportation Knowledge Management:
    Expanding Benefits publication
    •  January 2010
  •  Two NCHRP problem statements
    •  Became NCHRP 20-90 Improving Access to Transportation Information
  • Participated in 2nd NTKN meeting
    • June 2010

Slide 9: 2010 Goals & Activities

  • Continue to advocate for TKNs
  • Collaborate on NTKN Strategic Plan
    • Role clarification
  •  Reach out to the user community
    •  Engage RAC, Data Section, and others (LTAP?)
  •  Seek additional resources for pilot activities
  • NCHRP Monitoring
    •  20-90 Improving Access to Transportation Information
    • 20-89 Intellectual Property Stewardship Guide for Transportation Departments

Slide 10: Transportation Knowledge Networks - 2010


  • 3. Regional TKNs
  • 57 total member agencies : State DOTs, MPOs, Transit Agencies, Private Firms, Universities
  • Pooled Fund Study focusing on library connectivity and providing some support for TKN activities

Slide 11: For More Info

Leni Oman

  • OmanL@wsdot.wa.gov
  • 360.705.7974

Slide 12: Transportation Research Collaboration Portal

Slide 13: U.S. DOT Priority Areas and Research Clusters

DOT Priority Areas

  • Safety
  • Livability
  • Environmental
  • Sustainability
  • Economic Growth
  • State of Good
Arrow Image

Current Research Clusters

  • Infrastructure & Materials
  • Human Factors
  • Energy Sustainability
  • Risk-Based Analysis to Address Safety Issues
  • Data Driven Decision Making
  • Multimodal Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Livability
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Positioning, Navigation & Timing
  • Transportation Implications For an Aging Population and Those with Special Needs
  • System Resilience & Global Logistics
  • Policy Analysis
  • Travel Behavior
  • Economics

Slide 14: DOT Research Clusters

RITA moving to provide online coordination and collaboration tools – with valued input from RAC/Research Coordination and Collaboration Task Force

  • DOT Research Clusters
  • DOT RD&T Planning Team identified clusters of needed research that apply across all modal administrations as well as researchers working in
    these areas.

  • RITA is developing an external SharePoint site to facilitate collaboration across the transportation research enterprise – currently in beta testing
    with DOT researchers.

  • Schedule being driven by Federal IT requirements, especially security

    • DOT -funded researchers (UTCs) – access early fall

    • External researchers (state DOTs) – access late fall/early winter

  • Anticipate webinars and other forums to facilitate enterprise collaboration
    in these research areas.

We’re excited about how this is going to help us all do our jobs better

Slide 15: Image

Slide 16: Image

Slide 17: Image

Slide 18: Image

Slide 19: Image

Slide 20: Image

Slide 21: DOT Research Program and Project Management Site

RITA collaborating with the community to provide a central site for online coordination and collaboration tools for research project and program managers

DOT Research Program and Project Management (RPPM)

  • Development of the AASHTO RAC Research Coordination and Collaboration Task Force’s www.transportationresearch.org site coincided
    with RITA’s external Sharepoint development
  • RAC RCC site migrated to www.transportationresearch.gov in May 2010
    • Content now being enhanced by a RAC RCC subcommittee
    •  5 major site areas, including team collaboration
  •  Anticipated improvements before going live:
    •  Adding links to/from Research Clusters sites
    •  Matching Research Clusters page design
    •  Hosting international team research project

RPPM site is a great complement to the Research Clusters' topical focus

Slide 22: Image

Slide 23: Image

Slide 24: Image

Slide 25 : Agenda

  • SLA Annual Conference
  •  TRB LIST Midyear Meeting
  •  NTKN Meeting
  •  AASHTO TKN TF at National RAC Meeting
  •  Scientific Data Management Workshop
  •  ALA
  •  Other Summer conferences???