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TRID-the TRIS and ITRD Database

Lisa Loyo, Manager of Information Services, Transportation Research Board
February 10, 2011


Slide 1: TRID-the TRIS and ITRD Database


Slide 2: Integration of TRIS & ITRD Databases

  • In 2008 JTRC decided to review the ITRD database and conducted a survey to determine how to move forward
  • The recommendation was to strengthen the links between ITRD and TRIS and was supported by the Operational Committee
  • TRB and sponsors wanted access to more international material. This was very clear from focus groups and a survey done by TRIS a few years ago
  • Both TRIS and ITRD liked the idea of one database for users
  • TRIS has always been a collaborative database. TRIS and ITRD have a long history of collaboration starting in 1972 when IRRD first started, so it was natural progression to expand cooperation with ITRD
  • March 2010 the decision was made to integrate the databases

Slide 3: Benefits of using TRID

  • TRID includes over 900,000 records covering:
    • Transportation research from ITRD and TRIS
    • TRB publications going back to 1923, including Highway Research Board, SHRP and Marine Board publications
    • Records in English, French, German, or Spanish
    • Environmental impact statements
    • Theses
    • Reports
    • Research in progress
  • Records not necessarily indexed in Google

Slide 4: Latest Developments with the TRID Database

  • TRIS & ITRD Integration
  • Searching of RIP via the TRID interface
  • Searching enabled for:
    • Accession numbers
    • ITRD subject areas and subject codes
    • ITRD thesaurus
    • ISBNS and ISSNs are being indexed at this time
  • Search for and access material in French, German, English, or Spanish
  • Default is now all dates

Slide 5: Latest Developments with the TRID Database, cont’d

  • Additional functionality
    • Search history
    • Modifying searches
    • RSS feeds
    • Printing and downloading of records
    • Sharing and bookmarking of results via social media
    • Preview abstracts
    • Highlighting of terms
  • Inclusion of related TRB publications and events at top of search results

Slide 6: TRID – the TRIS and ITRD Database


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