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Transportation Association of Canada Library Services

Glenn Cole, Manager, Technical Information Programs, Transportation Association of Canada
April 14, 2011


Slide 2: Transportation Association of CanadaLibrary Services

Slide 3: Transportation Association of Canada (TAC)

  • Brief history
  • What TAC is
  • What TAC is not
  • Council and committee structure
  • Some current projects

Transportation Information Service (TIS)

  • aka TAC Library
  • Brief history
  • Patron profiles
  • Current services
  • Collaborations
  • Future

Slide 4: TAC History

  • Began as the Canadian Good Roads Association in 1914
  • First newsletter (Canadian Road Builder) published in 1922
  • First edition of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada published in 1960
  • First edition Manual of Geometric Design Standards for Canadian Roads published in 1963
  • Changed name to Roads and Transportation Association of Canada in 1970
  • Changed name to Transportation Association of Canada in 1990

Slide 5: TAC is:

  • A not-for-profit technical association
  • Aneutral forum for gathering or exchanging ideas, information and knowledge on technical guidelines and best practices
  • A network of transportation industry stakeholders and corporate members including government transportation departments, municipalities, private sector engineering and consulting firms, academic institutions and trade associations

Slide 6: TAC is not:

  • A government agency or department
  • A regulator
  • An advocacy/political lobby group

Slide 7: Image

Slide 8: A sample of TAC's current projects

  • Best Practices for P3s in Road Construction
  • Warrants for Adding Pedestrian Signals to Existing Signalized Intersections
  • Synthesis of Canadian Environmental Best Practices: A Guide for Highway Transportation Practitioners
  • Calibration of the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide

Slide 9: TIS History

  • Began in 1956, with a collection of 2000 books and pamphlets
  • First catalogue was a catalogue, mailed to association members
  • First public-access electronic catalogue was TACSearch, a read-only database of surface transportation research projects in 1997, mailed out on diskettes
  • First web-based library catalogue search form revealed January 1998
  • Current library catalogue contains more that 23 000 records, searchable on the association's web site

Slide 10: TIS Patrons

TAC Secretariat

  • Project managers who handle project and standing committees
  • One location (Ottawa)

TAC members

  • Organizations or individuals
  • Spread across Canada


  • General inquiries, citizens
  • Researchers, both academic and private
  • World-wide

Slide 11: TIS Services

  • Library collection
  • Canadian and international material
  • Traditional library services (loans, ILLs, etc.)
  • Canadian Surface Transportation Research Survey
  • Data shared with ITRD and TRIP
  • Literature searches
  • Usually conducted for project committees at the start of their projects
  • Transportation Intelligence Bulletin
  • Email newsletter sent to members 6 times/year, with citations of interest
  • Current Practices and Innovations database
  • Includes a Climate Change section

Slide 12: Collaborations

Slide 13: Future

  • Wiki
  • BBS/discussion forum
  • Better database integration
  • Better search forms for databases

Slide 14: More Information