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A Conversation about Twitter

Scott Brown, Social Information Group
September 8, 2011

Slide 2: Twitter: @socialinfo

Slide 3: Image

Slide 4: http://www.twitter.com

  • What is it? ------"Microblogging" tool – similar to text messaging
  • Think:------ RSS feed for you – or your organization
  • What's the advantage?
    • Free
    • Quick setup
    • Find and "follow" peers, thought leaders, potential customers, locals
    • Communicate (both ways)
    • Additional marketing tool ("tweet" blog posts, etc. – also list your website, specialties)
  • Where do I find it?---http://www.twitter.com

Slide 5: How do I get started?

  • Sign up
  • Create some "tweets"
  • Start following people
  • Image

Slide 6: Twitter for personal or professional use

  • Twitter – http://www.twitter.com
  • To share your expertise, and pointers to other information that's important to you or your work
  • "Value-add" information stream
  • News feed for you or your department
  • Low barrier to entry, quick to set up, but requires constant attention
  • Connection, content and speed are key

Slide 7: Twitter feeds of interest

  • RITA: http://twitter.com/DOTRITANews (or @DOTRITANews)
  • Bureau of Transportation Statistics: @TransportStats
  • National Transportation Library: @NatlTransLib
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems: @ITSJPODirector
  • Many state DOTs have Twitter feeds
  • Want a big list? http://listorious.com/PublicWorks/transportation

Slide 8: Thank you!

  • Scott Brown Social Information Group
  • Don't hesitate to contact and connect with me:
  • scott@socialinformationgroup.com
  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/scottrbrown
  • http://www.socialinformationgroup.com
  • @socialinfo
  • 303-834-7553