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WisDOT iCommons: Creating User-Friendly Spaces on a Budget

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WisDOT iCommons: Creating User-Friendly Spaces on a Budget

  • Transportation Librarians Roundtable
  • November 8, 2007
  • John Cherney,
  • Wisconsin Department of Transportation

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Why an iCommons at WisDOT?

Reorganization as a a catalyst

  • Department-wide reorganization
  • New section: RCSS (Research and Communication Services Section)
  • Library –physical front piece of new section
  • Feature highlights of new section, impetus to begin thought on user-friendly spaces

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Conceptualizing the WisDOT iCommons:

Literature Review

  • Our task: find sources related to how a physical setting facilitates knowledge transfer
  • Literature review –library science, computer science and academic literature
  • Look for real world examples of other iCommons efforts, particularly in a special library
  • The case for space

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Conceptualizing the WisDOT iCommons:

Supporting Internal DocumentsSupporting Documents

  • Instead of ‘Nice to Necessary’ –‘Nice AND Necessary’
  • Created documentation to support our contentions –a business case and a presentation on our local on-site research

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Conceptualizing the WisDOT iCommons:

A New Location

  • Old library space, quickly becoming inadequate with donations from reorganization and retirements
  • Management buy-in of our concept : new lobby location for iCommons and creation of North Stacks
  • Image - Circulation area –old library
  • Image - New location –before iCommons

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Planning the WisDOT iCommons:

Establishing Parameters

  • Budget, building and IT constraints: what were the specifics?
  • Identify items from old library we wanted to keep
  • Moving the library

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Planning the WisDOT iCommons:

Establishing Parameters - IT Issues

  • IT constraints –firewall –security concerns
  • Internet Access area –need Static IP and local logon –continue with these protocols
  • Wireless connectivity and related programs, not possible
  • Increase number of enabled data jacks in iCommons and North Stacks
  • IT surplus –source of inexpensive equipment

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Planning the WisDOT iCommons:

Establishing Parameters - IT (con't)

  • With simple workstation furniture and flat panel monitors, Internet Access area became more user-friendly.
  • Occupies 121 sq. ft.
  • Image - Old Internet Access area
  • Image - New Internet Access area

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Planning the WisDOT iCommons:

Getting to know our Facilities staff

  • Worked closely with our Facilities staff
  • Two-way education process
  • Library staff included during ALL stages of iCommons planning

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Planning the WisDOT iCommons:

Working with Facilities Staff

  • Concept illustrations for management and facilities
  • With library staff input, floor plans were changed often
  • Image - Concept –circulation desk
  • Image - Concept –lobby entrance

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Planning the WisDOT iCommons:

Establishing Parameters –Building Issues

  • Needed to design user-friendly spaces in areas where electrical boxes/data jacks existed (beneath the floor)
  • Had to meet or exceed ADA code to make spaces more user-friendly for everyone
  • Facilities warehouse – source for furniture and more
  • Facilities connections with other state agencies
  • Image - Recycled shelving in North Stacks (from WI Dept. of Revenue)

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Designing the WisDOT iCommons:

Facilities Vision

  • Comfortable, inviting place for patrons
  • Color that evokes a sense of calm
  • ‘Fun’ yet challenging project; departure from regular government building design
  • Image - Copper Sparkle

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Designing the WisDOT iCommons:

Facilities Vision - (con't)

  • Inviting entrance was a high priority
  • Image - Old entrance
  • Image - New entrance

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Creating the WisDOT iCommons:

Circulation Area

  • Circulation area consists of joined spare desks bolted together and custom-fitted with table top and front panel
  • Cost about 1/10 of a library circulation table
  • Image - Old circulation desk
  • Image - New circulation desk

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Creating the WisDOT iCommons:

Collaboration Areas

  • Collaboration Cove, iCommons–56 sq. ft.
  • Collaboration Corner, North Stacks –64 sq. ft.
  • Digital white boards and printers, data/phone access, recycled tables and chairs
  • Image - Collaboration Cove iCommons
  • Image - Collaboration Corner North Stacks

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Creating the WisDOT iCommons:

Main Reading Area

  • Occupies 42 sq. ft./next to reference area
  • Image - Main reading area Old library
  • Main reading area (foreground) iCommons

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Creating the WisDOT iCommons:

Map Case

  • Electrostatically painted, more visible location
  • Image - Map case –old library
  • Image - Map case –iCommons

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Creating the WisDOT iCommons:

Recycled shelving

  • Electrostatically painted existing WisDOT Library shelves
  • Electrostatically painted recycled shelving from other state agencies

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Creating the WisDOT iCommons:

Study Carrels –A/V space

  • Implemented through configuration of system furniture and stand-alone recycled items –network access; 16 sq. ft.
  • Image - iCommons
  • Image - North Stacks

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Creating the WisDOT iCommons:

iCommonsReading Lounge

  • Donation from Secretary’s Office, items purchased at 50% of regular price; occupies 48 sq. ft.

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Creating the WisDOT iCommons:

Other spaces –Webcasting

Slide 22
Creating the WisDOT iCommons:

Other spaces –SANE LANE

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Creating the WisDOT iCommons:

Decorative Accents I

  • Carpet for iCommons recycled; from WisDOT’s Materials Lab building
  • Accent pieces samples from Web ( www.mannington.com) and ReStor
  • Total cost about ¼ of new carpet installation
  • Image - Carpet -iCommons
  • Image - Carpet –North Stacks

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Creating the WisDOT iCommons:

Decorative Accents II

  • Transportation-themed art and clock, silk flowers

Slide 25
Creating the WisDOT iCommons:

Library signs

  • All signs based around theme of lobby entrance sign
  • Consistent look and feel

Slide 26
Creating the WisDOT iCommons:

Other recycled items

  • Recycled from Facilities warehouse, including wooden glass cases

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Creating the WisDOT iCommons:

Final Thoughts

  • Reactions to the iCommons
  • Thank you!!
  • For further information contact:
    John Cherney