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Paul Burley, Cataloging/Indexing Librarian at the Northwestern University Transportation Library, Evanston, Illinois

The Transportation Library is special library within the Northwestern University Main Library; meaning we independently perform acquisitions, provide reference, and catalog independently of the Main Library, and have our own ILL units

450,000 volumes in monographic collection; 311,000 articles in TRANWeb Article Database; contributor to TRIS

In my presentation today I’ll roughly follow the chronology of the Transportation Menu project, with a sidestep into brief explanation of EAD, since I’ll be throwing that word around pretty extensively, conclude with some lessons learned from the project and the continued status of the project.

In the background of this presentation, I’m approaching this as working on the project as a semi-novice:
--I consider myself a librarian, and this is an archival collection;
--I had no experience with EAD;
--I had little understanding of the underlying software to deliver the EAD to the web, and still don’t;
--And I think I’m pretty typical of someone (i.e., a cataloger) who’s going to work on a project like this.

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