Northwestern University Transportation Library Menu Collection

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The curator of the collection is Roberto Sarmiento.
When the Transportation Library received menu collection in 1997; focused exclusively on air transportation
The earliest menu is of the steamship SS Bremen, Germany, 1927, in German, which Transportation Library already owned,
>>>Display Bremen menu
The Bremen menu probably also has the most extensive menu of any in the collection, with roughly 46 items served.
We also have another luxury liner menu from the QE2.
Due to new donations, not all the menus are incorporated into the EAD or digitized yet: we have more rail menus and airport terminal menus.
The collection now includes over 400 items, and is a growing collection

The collection is international in scope: not just Europe/North America, but also Africa, South America and Australasian After working on this project I think I gained concept of the __culture__ of air travel that existed in the mid-20th century that predates me.

Itís also valuable collection in that Mr. Foster annotated many of his menus, most often about the quality of the food, but also the date of the specific flight, type of airplane for the flight, the specific routes (which were by no means direct back in the day), his travel companions. This ties the menus to a very specific point in time, valuable not only for research, but also for establishing provenance.

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