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In the background of the project:
Simultaneous to the creation of the EAD were the deacidification and digitzation of the menus.
I was already at the editing stage of the process without having the physical menus in hand – they were out at deacidification

Menus are ephemera so they’re likewise printed on acidic paper. The entire collection is physically in excellent condition, but it’s only a matter of time before it becomes brittle and sees damage.

It’s very important to note that as custodians of the collection, we’re as concerned with the physical preservation of the collection as creating a finding aid/EAD/digitization.

The Main Library provided the monies for deacidification; did not have to come from our budget; it was part of the larger budget of deacidification at Northwestern.

So the menus came back in three sets as the project moved along.

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