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If you cannot view slide 15 Copyright Statement, use the text version. Please call 800-853-1351 or email librarian@bts.gov for further assistance.

Prior to the launch of the menus, we needed clarification on the copyright issues of displaying the digitzed menus.
Menus may of may not be under copyright; all are post-1913.
Some airlines and railroad companies still exist, many do not
Did not want to deal with obtaining permission from each corporation that issued a menu; beyond our resources
Copyright statement came from University Legal Consel, and is found on our splash page

The gist of the copyright statement is found in the opening: “The Northwestern University Library respects the intellectual property rights of others. These digitized menus have been made available solely for non-commercial research, teaching and private study. Northwestern University has not sought the permission of the copyright holders to digitize menus and does not claim any copyright interest in these menus.”

Copyright clearances is up to the individual who wants to use the images.

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