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Different user communities have different expectations: the traditional archival community sees this as a research tool vs. general public seeing this as an exhibition of digital images

The copyright statement came to be interpreted beyond our strict statement; PR, newspapers and bloggers copied and used images at will

Navigation between interfaces received poor reception by general public. We have the splash page, which connects to the EAD, which has a link at the bottom right to the collection levels; what the general public really wanted was to just plain find the digital images.

(splash page >> EAD >> collection levels >> images themselves)
>>>Search box on AF002
“Search” box poorly understood: searches all the finding aids, not the actual menu collection: this point is being worked out right now
Internal issues: software, interface, URLs, etc.
Different units in the NU Library using different XML editing software – we all need to be using one product.
The interface and links to the EADs – all of them at Northwestern – greatly need to be simplified and improved.
The URLs are too long.

We do have an EAD user’s group, which I’m part of, and we’re tackling these issues as well as the larger issue of how to migrate 400+ paper finding aids at the University Library into EADs.

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