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I knew without a doubt that I wanted to be a cataloger when I was working at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute from 1997 on. I ___thought___ at the time, and throughout library school, that I’d be cataloging strictly in the MARC/AACR2 environment. Bad assumption.

In the special library environment “cataloging” doesn’t just include monographs and electronic resources, but also archival resources, and whatever else I might be assigned. So there’s a blurred distinction between a traditional cataloger, working with archival materials, working with metadata… and that’s a general trend even within the Main Library.

At the same time I need to be strongly rooted in the MARC/AACR2 cataloging environment, both from the bibliographic and authorities side.

I’m certain now that in the future I’ll be quote unquote “cataloging” in new metadata schemes, most likely unfamiliar ones, with little notice

Finally, as far as keeping up with technology, or not, I thought HTML was good enough; I did get through editing in XML, but clearly I needed to already have knowledge of XML.

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