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Transportation Networks Down Under: Tranzinfo

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Performance Measurements for Transportation Libraries

Resource and expertise sharing by the transport libraries of Australia and New Zealand

Andrew Meier, ARRB Group, Australia Transportation Librarians Roundtable

9 October 2008

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A brief Tranzinfo Background

  • Formed in the early 1990's in Australia with later NZ involvement
  • Currently approximately 20 active member libraries across government, academic and corporate sectors
  • Steered by an annually elected committee of 3
  • ARRB funding arrangement with governments across Australia includes providing Tranzinfo leadership
  • Annual meeting - location on roster basis

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Tranzinfo Libraries Web Page

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Key Tranzinfo activities

  • Hot Topics alert bulletins
  • Automated interlibrary loan system
  • Reference Group teleconferences
  • Expertise sharing and Skills Bank
  • Consortia purchasing

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Hot Topics

  • Alert bulletins highlighting a selection of resources published in last 2 years on topic of current interest
  • Production shared by roster system amongst members but overseen by editing team
  • 15 issues plus 5 updates since 2005
  • Topics: Level crossing safety, PPPs, Alternative fuels, Skills shortages, Transport disadvantage
  • Made available free on Tranzinfo website - under Publications at www.tranzinfo.org
  • Actually markets the network to our client base

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Tranzinfo Publication Web Page

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Tranzinfo ILL system

  • Holdings information and ILL agreements operating for many years
  • Since 2007, 16 member libraries have shared journal holdings on system that incorporates automated requesting of individual articles
  • Around 380 requests in last 12 months
  • Began in 2008 to include conference proceedings and now includes over 300 conference titles

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Reference Group teleconferences

  • Began in 2007
  • Aim to connect reference service staff and foster their professional development
  • Topics: Marketing within your organisation, Web 2.0 for special libraries, Acquisitions tips   tricks
  • Has led to greater communication across the network

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Expertise sharing

  • Active email listservs - for general, reference and ill-related communications
  • Recorded skills of member library staff
  • Member-only area Skills Bank on Tranzinfo website
  • Library experience in subject area other than transport - law, medicine, business information
  • Language skills

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Consortia purchasing

  • TRANSPORT database through Ovid
  • Prosentient InterSearch ILL system
  • Other opportunities reviewed each year at annual meeting

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Why Tranzinfo works

  • Small enough to achieve communication and cooperation
  • Large enough to share workload and costs
  • Effectively has a paid leader - most networks function in 'spare' time of library staff

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What's on the way?

  • Always looking for opportunities to expand our resource and knowledge sharing
  • Initiatives must be within our means
  • Begun investigating collaborative reference tools

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ARRB's information initiatives

  • Australian Transport Index (ATRI)
    A bibliographic database containing over 155,000 records of books, reports, journal articles, conference papers and electronic publications. Available online via subscription through Informit
  • Transport and Road Update (TARU)
  • Bibliographic alert bulletin. To become an RSS feed service during 2009 Australian and NZ content provider to ITRD

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Tranzinfo website: www.tranzinfo.org
ATRI database information: http://www.informit.com.au/indexes_ATRI.html

Andrew Meier
T: +61 3 9811 1603
Email: andrew.meier@arrb.com.au