Sources of Information in Transportation

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SIT Bibliographies
Subject Matter Date/Edition
Distracted Driving Clearinghouse
Air Transportation
Archived -- 2001 (5th edition)
General Transportation
Archived -- 2001 (5th edition)
Hazardous Materials
Archived -- 2001 (5th edition)
2007 - 6th edition
Inland Water Transportation
2007 - 6th edition
Intelligent Transportation Systems
2007 - 6th edition
Intercity Bus
Maritime Transportation
Archived -- 2001 (5th edition)
Non-Motorized Transportation
Archived -- 2001 (5th edition)
2009 - 1st edition
2007 - 6th edition
Urban Transportation
Archived -- 2001 (5th edition)

Statistics on the Internet

Special Topics in Transportation

Aviation Safety and Security

Roger Garren, 6th Edition Series Editor
National Transportation Library

Susan C. Dresley, 5th Editon Series Editor
Volpe National Transportation Systems Center Library

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