Aviation Statistics on the Internet


  • FedStats

    This web site can be searched alphabetically by topic (select Aviation) or by agency (select Transportation). Searching by agencies will also provide descriptions of the statistics provided and links to their web sites, contact information, and key statistics.
  • U.S. Census Bureau
    Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2010, 129th Edition
    th can be used as a general resource for aviation statistics. Select an edition and click on the link. Statistical data on aviation appears in the section entitled Transportation.
  • Bureau of Transportation Statistics
    BTS strives to make high-quality data and information available for the transportation community and other individuals or groups interested in transportation.
  • National Transportation Statistics 2000
    National Transportation Statistics 2000 provides data on all modes of transportation. Using the browser's "Find" feature to locate the word "air" or "aviation" in the table of contents is an effective shortcut to locating aviation data.
  • The National Transportation Safety Board
    An excellent source of official statistical data on aviation safety.


  • Federal Information
    Statistical Handbook of Aviation
    This web site contains excellent statistical data for the fiscal years 1991-1996.
  • Air Transport Association
    ATA promotes "…safety by coordinating industry and government safety programs, and it serves as a focal point for industry efforts to standardize practices and enhance the efficiency of the air transport system." Information on this web site may be subject to copyright protection.
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