Sources of Information in Transportation
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Compiled by Kendra K. Levine
Institute of Transportation Studies
University of California, Berkeley

Arnold, E. D. Ramp Metering: a Review of the Literature. Charlottesville, Virginia: Virginia Transportation Research Council, 1998. 21 pages.

ARRB Transport Research Transport and Road Update. Vermont South, Victoria. ARRB Transport Research, 2001-2004. Ceased publication in May 2004

Blair, Beryl. Road Charging in the 90’s: an Overview and Guide to the Literature. London, England: The British Library Science Reference and Information Service, 1994. 88 pages.

Brown, Denis M. Highway investment and rural economic development an annotated bibliography. Washington, DC: Economic Research Service, USDA, 1999. 21 pages.  Electronic Document Accessed March 2006:

Green, Chris. Traffic Noise: a Bibliography on Surface Transportation Noise, 1979-1986. Letchworth, England: Technical Communications, 1987. 131 pages.

Updates G. Vulkan’s Traffic Noise : A Review and Bibliography on Surface Transportation Noise, 1964-1978 (cited below).

Hoy, Suellen M. and Michael C. Robinson. Public Works History in the United States: A Guide to the Literature. Nashville, Tennessee: American Association of State and Local History, 1982. 477 pages.

Includes a chapter on roads, streets and highways.

International Federation of Landscape Architects. Roads in the Landscape: Environmentally Sensitive Location and Design: a Bibliography. S.1.: The Federation, 1987. 44 pages.

Krummes, Daniel C. and Dresley, Susan C. Sources of Information in Transportation. Highways. National Transportation Library, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, U.S. Dept. of Transportation, 2002. 5th ed. 102 pages. Website Accessed March 2006:

Precursor to the current Sources project; sponsored by the Special Libraries Association, Transportation Division

Krummes, Daniel C. Trip Generation: a Bibliography. Berkeley, California: Institute of
Transportation Studies, University of California, 1985. 25 pages. (Library Reference No. UCB-ITS-LR- 85-1).

Lindley, Jeffrey A. Annotated Bibliography of Federal Highway Administration Freeway Operations R&D Reports, 1971-1986. Mclean, Virginia: Federal Highway Administration, 1987. 70 pages.

Contains brief abstracts of FHWA sponsored reports and articles on freeway operations in the following areas: geometric design aspects, hardware, freeway management techniques, incident management, high occupancy vehicle priority techniques, diamond interchange control and human factors.

Miller, E. Willard and Ruby M. Miller. Highway Transportation: Management of Traffic, Economic Aspects, Legislation, Types of Highways. Monticello, Illinois: Vance Bibliographies, 1987. 37 pages. (Public Administration Series: Bibliography #P 2118).

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Richards, Rebecca T. and Fisher, Matthew. Highway improvements and rural growth: an annotated bibliography. Helena, Montana: Montana Dept. of Transportation, 2001. 105 pages.

Bibliography begins on page 33.

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Sumner, R. et al. A Freeway Management Handbook: Annotated Bibliography. Washington, DC: Federal Highway Administration, 1984. 213 pages.

Extensive bibliography highlighting such areas as freeway operations, ramp metering incident detection, priority lanes, motorist information systems, and traffic surveillance systems.

Vulkan, G. and A. Gomersall. Traffic Noise: a Review and Bibliography on Surface
Transportation Noise, 1964-1978. London, England: Greater London Council, 1979. 1 vol.

Includes major sections of traffic noise, vehicle design for noise abatement, highway design for noise reduction, legislation, and social aspects of noise control.