Sources of Information in Transportation
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Databases & Indexing/Abstracting Services

Compiled by John Gallwey
Institute of Transportation Studies
University of California, Berkeleyr

Print Sources

American Society of Civil Engineers. ASCE Publications Information. New York, New York: The Society, 1982-1992.

Formerly published as ASCE Publications Abstracts, 1966-1982.

Australian Road Research Board. Australian Road Index. Nunawading, Victoria: The Board, 1975- . Quarterly. ISSN: 0312-2115.

Council of Scientific & Industrial Research. Central Road Research Institute. CRRI Road Abstracts. New Delhi, India: The Council, 1961-

Wallace, A. Automotive Literature Index. Toledo, Ohio: Wallace, 1976-
ISSN: 0732-9350.

Serial. Five-yearly updates.

Wallace, A. Automotive Literature Index, 1947-1976: a Thirty-Year Guide to Car and Driver, Motor Trend, Road & Track. Toledo, Ohio: Wallace, 1981.

Wallace, A. Automotive Literature Index, 1977-1981: a Five-Year Guide to Fifteen American Automotive Journals. Toledo, Ohio: Wallace, 1983. 283 pages.

Wallace, A. Automotive Literature Index, 1982-1986: a Five-Year Guide to Fifteen American Automotive Journals. Toledo, Ohio: Wallace, 1987. 253 pages.

Electronic Resources

Australian Transport Index (ATRI). Melbourne, Victoria: ARRB Transport Research Ltd.
Available from:; Accessed February 2006.

Bibliographic database accessible by subscription through Informit Online. Contains over 140,000 records, from 1960 onwards, of transport-related publications including journal articles, conference papers, and holdings of other libraries with transport collections. It contains comprehensive coverage of Australian publications, as well as selective but extensive records of items published overseas. The thesaurus to the index is available online at

Bundesanstalt für Strassenwesen (BASt). Website accessed March 2006:

German governmental research organization providing multi disciplinary support for civil engineering and environmental engineering. The website, also available in an English version, contains a searchable database of the organization’s technical and research reports.

CISTI (Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information). Website accessed March 2006:

CISTI maintains a catalog of over 50,000 serial titles and over 600,000 books, reports and conference proceedings in science, technology and engineering.  Searching the catalog is free, but to borrow items one must register as a user. Registration also allows access to CISTI Source which indexes more than 20 million articles in 20,000 serials from around the world.

Civil Engineering Database. Reston, Virginia: American Society of Civil Engineers. Database accessed February 2006:

ASCE'S electronic information retrieval service to all its publications published since 1970. Provides access to over 100,000 bibliographic and abstracted records.

Compendex. New York, New York: Elsevier Engineering Information.  Database accessed October 2007:

The largest engineering database, Compendex indexes and abstracs about 5,000 scholarly journals, conference proceedings and technical reports in all areas of engineering. Coverage is 1970 to the present, with over 9,000,000 records as of October 2007. Also available (as Ei Compendex) through DIALOG.

Construction Market Research. Construction Aggregates and Materials. Website accessed October 2007:

Engineered Materials Abstracts. Bethesda, Maryland: Cambridge Scientific Abstracts. 1986 to present. Database accessed October 2007:

Database available by subscription from Cambridge Scientific Abstracts website and from DIALOG. A joint production of ASM International (U.S.) and Institute of Metals (U.K.), the database corresponds to the journal of the same name, which began publication in January 1986. Contains bibliographic records and abstracts for journal articles, dissertations, government reports, conference proceedings and books regarding the research, manufacturing practices, properties and applications of polymers, ceramics, and composites. Over 250,000 records as of August 2005.

Enviroline. Bethesda, Marayland: Congressional Information Service, Inc. 1975 to present. Database accessed October 2007: (

Provides indexing and abstracting for more than 1,000 international primary and secondary publications reporting on all aspects of the environment. These publications highlight such fields as management, technology, planning, law, political science, economics, geology, biology, and chemistry as they relate to environmental issues. Enviroline corresponds to the print Environment Abstracts. The database contained 308,204 records as of November 2003.

Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management. Bethesda, Maryland: Cambridge Scientific Abstracts. 1981 to present. Database accessed October 2007:

Bibliographic database available through CSA’s website. Comprehensive coverage of the environmental sciences. Over 1,773,400 records as of March 2006.

Geoarchive. Didcot, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom: Geosystems. 1974 to present. Database accessed October 2007:

Bibliographic database available from DIALOG. GeoArchive is a comprehensive database covering all types of information sources in geoscience, hydroscience, and environmental science. GeoArchive provides international coverage of over 5,000 serials, books from over a 2,000 publishers, geological maps, and doctoral dissertations. It is indexed using Geosaurus, the hierarchical thesaurus that classifies references by subject, geography, and stratigraphy, and includes an alphabetical index of around 30,000 terms available from the producer. The printed publications Geotitles, Hydrotitles, Geoscience Documentation, and the Bibliography of Economic Geology are derived from GeoArchive. Over 893,879 records as of September 2005.

GEOBASE. Amsterdam: Elsevier Science. 1980 to present. Database accessed October 2007: (, EINS (, OCLC ( and Science Direct (

Covers worldwide research literature in physical and human geography, earth and environmental sciences, ecology, and related disciplines. In addition to providing comprehensive coverage of the core scientific and technical periodicals, GEOBASE has a unique coverage of non-English language and less readily available publications. Over 2,000 journals are fully covered with an additional 3,000 having partial coverage. Over 2,000 books, monographs, conference proceedings, and reports are also included.  Contains over 1,400,000 records as of March 2006.

GeoRef. Alexandria, Georgia: American Geological Institute. 1785 to present (North American material); 1933 to present (worldwide material). Database accessed October 2007:

Worldwide technical literature on geology and geophysics is covered. GeoRef is international in scope with about 40% of the indexed publications originating in the United States. The database includes current coverage of over 3,500 journals as well as books and book chapters, conference papers, government publications, theses, dissertations, reports, maps, and meeting papers. GeoRef included 2,544,421 records as of November 2003. Also available through DIALOG (

Google Earth. Database accessed October 2007:

Fascinating stand-alone database of satellite images of the Earth’s surface, seamlessly joined together to provide an online atlas that can be manipulated in several ways.  Roads and highways can be mapped onto the images, which can be tilted or rotated to give a view of the topography of the area. 

Highway Vehicles Safety Database. Reston, Virginia: Society of Automotive Engineers. Available from:; Accessed October 2007.

Database for automotive safety research, containing detailed summaries of over 68,000 documents including technical papers from meetings and conferences, journal and magazine articles, standards, books, and research reports. Includes search software, fully-detailed summaries, bibliographical information, and networking capabilities.

Inspec. London, England: Institution of Electrical Engineers. 1969 to present. Database accessed October 2007: Further information about access can be found on the Inspec website at

Covers literature on all aspects of electronics and computing, scanning papers published in approximately 4,200 journals, 1000 conferences, books, reports and dissertations each year. Subject coverage includes the whole field of physics and electronics and their applications, including intelligent transportation systems. Inspec has its own newsletter, Inspec MATTERS (available in print or online from  For older material, Inspec Archive provides access to the full text of all issues of Science Abstracts (Inspec’s predecessor) from 1898 to 1969.

ITRD (International Transport Research Documentation). Paris: OECD Road Transport Research Programme. 1972 to present. Database accessed October 2007:

Formerly known as IRRD (International Road Research Database). Contains citations to worldwide literature, current research projects, and computer programs on all aspects of road research, transport, and traffic planning. The file is in English, with some abstracts and keywords in German, French or Spanish. Sources include approximately 850 journals from 40 countries along with books, reports, dissertations, patents, standards and specifications, and conference proceedings. Covers road, bridge, tunnel engineering, traffic engineering, highway safety, highway economics and administration.  More than 350,000 records as of March 2006.  ITRD records are also included in the TRANSPORT database. Online access is via the STN host service.

National Technical Information Service. Alexandria, Virginia: National Technical Information Service. Website accessed October 2007:

NTIS is the central source for accessing U.S. government-funded scientific, technical, and engineering information. NTIS supplies publications from United States government agencies and departments, as well as publications from Canada, Europe and Japan. Documents can be supplied in print, microfiche, or electronic formats. The NTIS collection contains over 3 million items, and its website incorporates a searchable catalog of items received since 1990.

National Transportation Library (U.S.). Website accessed October 2007:

Created in 1998 by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the National Transportation Library is a collection of electronic full-text documents available via the Internet and CD-Rom. The library provides online access to more than 2,000 full-text documents including documents drawn from more than 30 State DOT and University web sites covering all aspects of transportation in the United States.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Center for Transportation Analysis. Website accessed October 2007:

“The Center for Transportation Analysis (CTA) in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory conducts innovative, cost-effective research and development on transportation energy and environmental issues, national transportation planning and policy, transportation systems engineering, and military transportation and logistics. CTA focuses on multi modal national and international transportation systems.” The Web site gives access to publications of the CTA’s staff, and links to other sites of related interest.

Pollution Abstracts. Bethesda, Maryland: Cambridge Scientific Abstracts. 1981 to present. Database accessed October 2007:

Available from DIALOG. Pollution Abstracts is a leading resource for references to environmentally related literature on pollution, its sources, and its control. The database covers air pollution, environmental quality, noise pollution, pesticides, radiation, solid wastes, and water pollution. Included more than 240,000 records as of August 2005.

Searchable Abstracts of ACI Publications. Farmington, Michigan: American Concrete Institute. Database accessed October 2007:

Free-access database providing abstracts of American Concrete Institute publications back to 1931.

Swedish National Road and Transport Institute. Library and Information Centre. Transguide. Database accessed October 2007:

Transguide provides access to five library catalogs, including TRAX, the catalog of the Institute’s library. It is the largest Nordic transportation research database, containing approximately 90,000 references to reports, conference proceedings, books, standards, statistics and more. Include a calendar of upcoming conferences, covering approximately 150 events.

TLCat: Transportation Libraries Catalog. Database accessed October 2007:

TLCat is a specialized subset of the OCLC FirstSearch database, enabling simultaneous searching of the collections of more than 20 transportation libraries across the USA. Included are the Midwest Transportation Knowledge Network, the Transportation Research Board, Northwestern University Transportation Library, and the Harmer E. Davis Transportation Library at the University of California, Berkeley. Guest access is available through the National Transportation Library.

Transportation Association of Canada Library Catalogue. Ottawa, Ontario: Transportation Association of Canada. Database accessed October 2007:

TRANSPORT. Database accessed October 2007:

The largest transportation database, produced by the OECD in cooperation with the U.S. Transportation Research Board. TRANSPORT comprises the TRB's TRIS and the OECD's ITRD databases, providing access to over 650,000 records dating back to the late 1960s. References are predominantly in English, though 30% of the ITRD records are in French, German, or Spanish. The records are drawn from research reports, books, journals articles, theses, conference proceedings, and summaries of research in progress.

Transport Canada. Canadian Transportation Research Gateway. Website accessed October 2007:

Transportation Association of Canada. Information Services: Online Databases. Web page accessed October 2007:

This page from TAC’s website provides access to several highway-related databases, including TAC’s own catalog and Canadian Surface Transportation Research.

TRANweb. Evanston, Illinois: Northwestern University Transportation Library. Database accessed October 2007:

Bibliographic and location information for journal articles, conference papers, and other material on transportation topics. Coverage extends back through 1979.

TRB Publications Index. Washington, DC: Transportation Research Board. Database accessed October 2007:

“The TRB Publications Index contains over 30,000 papers, articles, and reports published by the Transportation Research Board, Highway Research Board, Strategic Highway Research Program, or the Marine Board from 1923 to date.”

TRB Research in Progress. Washington, DC: Transportation Research Board. Database accessed October 2007:

Searchable database of current research sponsored or conducted by the U.S. Transportation Board.

TRIS Online. Washington, DC: Transportation Research Board. 1968 to present. Database accessed October 2007:

TRIS (Transportation Research Information Services) is one of the largest transportation databases. Produced since 1968 by the Transportation Research Board, TRIS gives coverage of the literature from the 1960s to the present, with some coverage of prior years. As of 2006 it contains over 600,000 records, growing by almost 25,000 new records annually. TRIS Online also incorporates the contents of the defunct PATH database and includes English-language citations from the ITRD. Both TRIS and the complete ITRD are included in the TRANSPORT database. TRIS Online received a major redesign and upgrade in Summer 2006.

TRIS, on DIALOG. Database accessed October 2007:

TRIS is available also through the Dialog service.  The Dialog version arranges the database into several subfiles as follows:
HRIS--Highway Research Information Service
IRRD--International Road Research Documentation
TLIB--Transportation Libraries: joint contributions by the Northwestern University Transportation Library and the University of California, Berkeley, Institute of Transportation Studies Library
UMTRIS--Urban Mass Transportation Research Information Service
ATRIS--the Air Transportation Research Information Service
HSL--Highway Safety Literature
MRIS--Maritime Research Information Service
RRIS--Railroad Research Information Service

TRL (Transport Research Laboratory). TRL: Creating the Future of Transport. Website accessed October 2007:

TRL is an independent UK organization for research in surface transportation, working with the public, private and independent sectors in the UK and world-wide. The site provides catalogs of the organization’s research and technical reports.

Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center. Website accessed October 2007:

The home of the Federal Highway Administration's Office of Research, Development, and Technology, the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center is a federal research facility in Virginia, USA.  The Center provides FHWA and the world highway community with advanced research and development related to new highway technologies. The website includes a library of publications and research materials as well as full-text periodicals, including Focus (which promotes Strategic Highway Research Program products and other highway technologies); Public Roads; and Transporter (for the latest information on the Federal Highway Administration’s research.)

UMTRI (University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute). Website accessed October 2007:

UMTRI is a multi-disciplinary transportation research center. Its site includes: PDFs of UMTRI research reports; the UMTRI Library catalog, a searchable database of the UMTRI library collections; Work in Progress, describing current UMTRI research projects; and a collection of downloadable software.

U.S. Office of Highway Policy Information. Washington, D.C.: Federal
Highway Administration. Database accessed October 2007:

Highway information and statistics collected from federal, state and local sources.

U.S. Dept. of Energy. DOE Information Bridge. Website accessed October 2007:

Provides free access to full-text and bibliographic records of Dept. of Energy research and development reports in physics, chemistry, materials, biology, environmental sciences, energy technologies, engineering, computer and information science, and renewable energy.

U.S. Dept. of Transportation Federal Highway Administration. Federal Highway Administration. Website accessed October 2007:

The website of the FHWA, a vast repository of information on highway research and administration in the USA.

U.S. Dept. of Transportation ITS Program. ITS Joint Program Office Home. Website accessed October 2007: TranSafety Inc. Website accessed March 2006:

TranSafety, Inc. is  an independent source for publications and information on road transportation and safety. The site offers full text archives of the Road Management and Engineering Journal (  and the Road Injury Prevention and Litigation Journal ( with an archive of full-text articles. There are also links to transportation and travel-related Web sites.