Sources of Information in Transportation
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Basic References

Compiled by Roger Garren
National Transportation Library

Edwards-May, David.; Somerville, Robert. Inland waterways of France. St. Ives: Imray, Laurie, Norie & Wilson, 2002. 252 pages. ISBN: 0852884729.

A good general guide to the French waterways. Contains maps and tables of distances for each waterway. Also includes folding chart of Belgium and The Netherlands waterways (1:1,500,000 scale).

Edwards, Neil. The Inland Waterways Association: 60 Years of Canal Restoration. Stroud: Tempus, 2005. 128 pages. ISBN: 0752431587.

Provides a history of the British canal system and the Inland Waterways Association.

Hunter, Diana.; Van der Klugt, Diana. Where to Launch on Inland Waterways: a Guide to Launching Sites on Britain's Canals and Rivers. Trowbridge: Opus Book Publishers, 2001. 106 pages. ISBN: 189857409X.

A guide to small craft launching sites around the British inland waterways. Includes descriptions of each site and approximate fees.

Martin, Marian. The Adlard Coles Book of EuroRegs for Inland Waterways: a Pleasure Boater's Guide to CEVNI. London: Adlard Coles Nautical, 2004. 32 pages. ISBN: 0713665890.

Fales, Dan. Chapman Navigation Rules: International--Inland Navigation Rules COMDTISNT M16672.2D.  New York: Hearst Books, 2004. 165 Pages. ISBN: 1588163253.

Contains the same information as the U.S. Coast Guard’s Navigation Rules, but with detailed explanations of the rules and how to use and apply them.

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