6th edition, 2007

Compiled by Seyem Deus Petrites
Harmer E. Davis Transportation Library, Institute of Transportation Studies
University of California at Berkeley

One in a series of bibliographies by members of the Special Libraries Association

Published by
U.S. Department of Transportation, Research and Innovative Technology Administration
National Transportation Library

Table of Contents

Basic References
Statistical Sources
Conference Proceedings
Indexing/Abstracting Sources and Databases
Dictionaries and Glossaries
Electronic Resources


This bibliography comprises the Intelligent Transportation Systems component of a llarger compendium: Sources of Information in Transportation, 6th edition, compiled by members of the Transportation Division, Special Libraries Association. The intent of the document is to provide an overall guide, arranged in subject sections, to the literature of transportation in North America and internationally. Prior editions have been published in print exclusively and will be available in selected libraries.

This bibliography is intended to serve as a guide to the major sources of information on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). While the focus is on the United States, some international materials have been included. Emphasis is on current materials, although publications of historical interest have also been included. Resources listed include print and electronic materials, as well as websites on the Internet.

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