Sources of Information in Transportation
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Statistical Sources

United States. Department of Transportation. Joint Program Office for Intelligent Transportation Systems. ITS Benefits, Costs, and Lessons Learned Databases. Electronic resource accessed February 2007:

Information is available for sixteen types of technology-based systems by national and state levels. Links are given to the following databases:

ITS Benefits Database:
Provides access to information regarding the impacts of ITS deployments.

ITS Costs Database:
Provides access to costs data to be used in developing costs estimates for ITS deployments.

ITS Deployment Statistics Database:
Provides access to data measuring the level of ITS deployment in 108 metropolitan areas and the 50 states. Links are included to the printed versions of National Summary Reports, Survey Summary Reports, and 78 Metropolitan Areas Reports are also available.

Lessons Learned Knowledge Resource:
Provides access to lessons learned from others’ experiences

Applications Overview:
Provides an overview of ITS applications and has links to various information resources useful in the planning and deployment of ITS.