Sources of Information in Transportation
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Canadian Sources:
Statistical Sources

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The goal of this paper is to examine and appraise the major sources of information upon which policymakers, researchers and carriers can make decisions regarding the economic, financial, and operating environments of the transborder trucking industry. 

“Data evaluation and statistics”. Canadian Multidisciplinary Road Safety Conference VIII: June 14-16, 1993, University Of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon. Proceedings. Saskatoon: University of Saskatchewan, 1993.

Papers presented at the session were as follows: Evaluation of potential safety benefits from the introduction of selected CMVSS to LTV's (Eguakun,GA, Wilson,FR and Stevens,AM);  Evaluation des couts de l'insecurite routiere et de la prevention, Quebec 1989; (Bordeleau,B);  Estimation et analyse du kilometrage au Quebec entre 1957 et 1989 (Gaudry,M, Fournier,F et Simard,R);  Developing statistical reliability in a convenience sample : a case study using the LTV database (Christie,JS, Wilson,FR and Stevens,AM);  Application du modele econometrique Drag-2 a la demande de kilometrage au Quebec (Gaudry,M, Fournier,F and Simard,R); Road safety in China (Navin,F, Bergan,AT, Qi,J and Li,J);  Collision data project : Province of Ontario (Erwin,SW, Boase,P and Dykes,B);  Police-reported bicycle accident data : the Winnipeg experience (Thom,RG and Clayton,AM); Estimating the extent of improper seat belt use (Grant,BA, Pedder,JB and Shewchenko,N); Application du modele econometrique Drag-2 a la frequence des accidents au Quebec selon differentes gravites (Gaudry,M, Fournier,F et Simard,R). 

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This report presents financial data on the Canadian for-hire trucking industry. The data presented cover the period from 1985 to 1989, with the tables containing different levels of aggregation.

Jones,J, Nix,FP. Directory of Canadian transportation data sources. Ottawa: Transportation Association of Canada, 1998. 207 pages.

This directory provides an inventory of more than 250 statistical transportation data sources available in Canada. All modes of transportation are covered and sources from the federal, provincial and territorial governments, associations and the private sector are included. The information provided for each entry includes the mode, scope, attributes, a description of the available data, and a contact name and telephone number where the data can be obtained. 

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This second edition of this guide lists sources of statistical information on trucking. The intention of this document is to act as a researcher's first stop in undertaking trucking research. 

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