Sources of Information in Transportation
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United States Sources (including some international):

Air and Expedited Motor Carriers Conference. Expedited Carriers Network Guide. Alexandria, VA: AEMCC, 1996-1997.

This directory of expedited motor carriers contains operational information on AEMCC members who can provide expedited pick up and delivery service. Listing is alphabetical by airport code.

American Truck Historical Society. American Truck Historical Society Membership Roster. Birmingham, AL: ATHS, annual.

American Trucking Association. Hours of Service Exemption Directory. Alexandria, VA: ATA, 1999.

From the Agricultural Transporters Conference, this directory lists state by state the exemptions to the hours of service regulations for agricultural transporters.

American Trucking Association. Motor Carrier Technology Directory. Alexandria, VA:  ATA, updated annually. 

Reference tool which lists current software packages, computer services and other technologies and the vendors that offer them.

American Trucking Association. North American Truck Fleet Directory. Alexandria, VA:  ATA, annual.

Comprehensive listing of for-hire and private fleets in US, Canada and Mexico. Available in different formats (book and electronic database), or in different state editions, or customized selections.

American Trucking Association. Top 200 Motor Carriers. Alexandria, VA: ATA, annual.

Identifies the largest for-hire, interstate trucking companies in the US. List is ranked on reported annual revenues.

American Trucking Association. Management Systems Council. EDI Capable Carriers List. Alexandria, VA: ATA, 1993. 54 pages.

A list of motor freight carriers which offer EDI (electronic data interchange) services.  Used as promotional material to highlight services to shippers on motor carrier EDI capabilities.

American Trucking Association. The Maintenance Council. Brake Training Resource Directory. Alexandria, VA: ATA.
Backhauler Directory. New Berlin, WI: Carrier Information Exchange.

Updated quarterly. A list of trucking companies who look for freight to their home area.

Blue Book of Trucking Companies. Fredericksburg, VA: Transportation Technical Services, Inc., annual.

Provides income statement, balance sheet, detailed operating expenses, number of employees and pieces of equipment, and key ratios on the top trucking firms. Also available as part of the FleetSeek database.

Canadian Motor Carrier Directory. Fredericksburg, VA: Transportation Technical Services, annual.

Available on CD-ROM disk or in hard copy, this directory lists over 2,500 Canadian firms. Also available as part of the FleetSeek database.

Carrier Routing Directory. Fredericksburg, VA: Transportation Technical Services, annual.

Lists over 2,800 top common carriers, their toll free numbers and states they serve, equipment types and commodities.

Commercial Carrier Journal: Buyers’ Guide and Specifications. Tuscaloosa, AL:  Randall-Reilly Publishing Co., October issue. Previously published by Cahners Business Information, New York, NY.

Containerisation International Yearbook. London: National Magazine Co. Ltd., annual.

Directory listing port facilities, terminals and traffic statistics. Also contains manufacturers, leasing companies, repair companies, insurance companies, and ship brokers. 

Directory of Contract Packagers and Their Facilities. Warrenton, VA: Institute of Packaging Professionals, 14th edition, 1998-1999. 

Contains detailed information on contract packaging companies throughout the United States and Canada.  In addition to names of executives, addresses, and phone and fax numbers for each of the companies, the directory lists industries served, services offered and types of packages filled.

Directory of Shippers. Fredericksburg, VA: Transportation Technical Services, Inc.

Compilation of thousands of traffic executives along with key information on companies and military installations. Offers names, titles, companies, addresses, phone and fax numbers, and industry classifications. 

Directory of Standard Multi-Modal Carrier and Tariff Agents Codes (SCAC-STAC).  Alexandria, VA: National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc, updated quarterly.

Directory of Truck Dealers. Fredericksburg, VA: Transportation Technical Services, annual.

Extensive list of the nation’s mid-size/heavy truck dealers. Contains addresses, brands sold & serviced, key contacts, phone and fax numbers. Available in book form or CD-ROM disk.

Express Carriers Association Service Directory. Alexandria, VA: Film, Air and Package Carriers Conference. 

Directory of carriers handling light LTL shipments in express service, packages and parcels, pool distributions and residential deliveries.

Fleet Owner: Annual Specs and Buyers’ Directory. White Plains, NY: Intertech Publishing Corp., October issue.

Handbook of International Road Transport. Geneva, Switzerland: International Road Transport Union, annual.

Directory of trucking associations in member countries of the International Road
Transport Union. Contains information size and weight limits in each country, fees charged, customs formalities, and activities of each association.

Heavy Duty Trucking: Specs in Depth Buyers Guide. Irvine, CA: Newport Communications. April issue.

Intermodal Association of North America. IMC Market Activity Report. Greenbelt, MD: IANA.

Quarterly update of traffic activity based on data collected monthly from participating Intermodal Marketing Companies (IMCs). Includes intermodal loads, highway truck loads, intermodal revenue, highway truck revenue, and other revenues.

Inbound Traffic Guide Directory: Complete Handbook of Intermodal Facilities and Services. New York, NY: Thomas Publishing Co., annual.

Directory designed to help select the right mode and carrier for consignments. Includes listing of expedited package services, airlines, barges, bulk transfer facilities, custom house brokers, export services, freight forwarding, ports, warehouses, railroads, and special equipment carriers.

Intermodal Association of North America. Membership Handbook. Greenbelt, MD:  IANA, annual. 

Intermodal North America: the Annual Guide to the Operators, Service and Equipment Suppliers Worldwide Involved in the North American Domestic and International Intermodal Industry. London: Mundy Perry, Ltd., annual.

International Buyer’s Guide: US Automotive and Heavy Duty Products. Research Triangle Park, NC: Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association.

International Safe Transit Association Membership Directory 1993-1994. Chicago, IL: I STA, 1993.

Leonard’s Guide: Motor Freight Directory. Arcadia, CA: G.R. Leonard & Co., annual.

Contains comprehensive information on freight transportation companies providing outbound service from publication origin area.

Leonard’s Guide: National Contract Carriers Directory. Arcadia, CA: G.R. Leonard & Co., annual.

Contains alphabetical list of contract carriers by state, addresses and telephone numbers.  Alphabetical list by company is also included along with a guide to warehouses.

Mexican Motor Carrier Directory. Fredericksburg, VA: Transportation Technical Services, Inc., annual. 

Reflects vital information on top trucking companies in Mexico. Also available as
part of the FleetSeek database.

Moody’s Transportation Manual. New York, NY: Moody’s Investors Service, Inc., annual with semi-weekly supplements.

Contains coverage of public and private transportation companies, and information on the transportation industry - detailed data on major airline, railway, barge and steamship lines, vehicle rental/leasing, bus and truck line companies, and pipeline, tunnel and bridge operators.

Mutual Aid Information Handbook. Alexandria, VA: National Tank Truck Carriers, annual.

Provides carrier safety representatives a “point of reference” where they can find assistance in case of an emergency.

National Association of Truck Stop Operators. Membership Directory and Buyers Guide.  Alexandria, VA: NATSO, annual.

National Backhaul Guide: Trip Leasing, Source Directory, Exempt Commodities. Neenah, WI: J.J. Keller.

A guide that brings together the regulations, law and administrative rulings pertaining to leasing; a directory of carriers and sources of loads; and a comprehensive discussion of the field of exempt transportation, including a chronological history, a listing of pertinent legal citations and a listing of exempt and non-exempt commodities. Loose-leaf. 

National Motor Carrier Directory. Fredericksburg, VA: Transportation Technical Services, Inc., annual.

Contains profile information on over 20,000 trucking companies. Features include name and title of the CEO, headquarters address, phone number, motor carrier number, latest revenue, number of trucks, tractors and trailers, number of trailers by type, commodities transported, and year firm was established. Individual state editions available. Also available in FleetSeek database.

National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc. Continental Directory of Standard Point Location Codes (SPLC). Alexandria VA: NMFTA, updated quarterly.

This directory is designed to provide each point originating freight and each point receiving freight with a unique code number so constructed as to identify the point with its geographical location. SPLC is based on a system of nesting recognized entities and numbering them in a standard geographical pattern. The nesting system is State-County-City (Point) using two digits to identify each.

National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc. The Directory of Standard Carrier Alpha Codes (SCAC). Alexandria, VA: NMFTA, annual with quarterly supplements.

Provides a listing of transportation-providing firms and their unique standard carrier alpha codes. Also included are separate lists of special alpha codes specifically designed to identify privately owned railroad cars and intermodal containers, chassis and trailers.

National Private Truck Council. NPTC Membership Directory and Buyer’s Guide.   Alexandria, VA: NPTC.

National Transportation Organizations. Washington, DC: Eno Transportation Foundation, 1998.

Identifies over 200 transportation organizations and describes their roles in policy development and implementation. Tracks critical transportation issues among carrier groups, users, suppliers, manufacturers and the environmental, research, and financial communities.

Owner Operator Directory Database. Fredericksburg, VA: Transportation Technical Services, Inc., annual.

Features contact information on more than 100,000 owner operators and leased
operators in the U.S. Also available as part of the FleetSeek database.

Private Fleet Directory. Fredericksburg, VA: Transportation Technical Services, Inc., annual.

Offers profiles on the nation’s top private fleets. Details include name and title of fleet decision maker, fleet location address, phone number, number of trucks, tractors and trailers, triler types, maintenance performed at facility, and type of fleet. Individual state editions available. Also available as part of the FleetSeek database.

Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association. Membership Directory. Alexandria, VA:  TTMA, annual.

United States. Department of Transportation. Bureau of Transportation Statistics.  Directory of Transportation Data Sources, updated annually.

A comprehensive inventory of data sources within the Department of Transportation, other federal and state government agencies, US private transportation organizations and Canadian and Mexican agencies.