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NAME:Robert W. Richardson Railroad Library


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Robert W. Richardson Railroad Library

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California Railroad Museum

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Not a TKN Member

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The collection consists of about 10,000 books and pamphlets related to railroads nationwide. Collections include general histories, photo histories, atlases, corporate histories, biographies, and reference books. Collections are organized by subject such as locomotives, electric railways, passenger trains, individual railroads, technical engineering books, catalogs, and government documents, including ICC and state commission papers. The Richardson Library has over 260 periodicals and serials, including Trains, Railroad, NRHS Bulletin, Railway and Locomotive Historical Society Bulletins. Some uncommon titles in the library are the 1832 edition of American Railway Journal. Trade publications on hand, for example, are Railway Age, Traffic World, and Modern Railroads. Consult the staff for availability and a list. Photographs are being arranged by individual railroad names. You must make your photograph selection in person. Computer scans or photographic copies are available. Consult the staff for prices. The slides and movies are being sorted and are not available at this time. The majority of the library collection is devoted to original archives These include timetables, annual reports, ICC valuation papers, railroad engineering drawings, maps, and other material. Companies represented, for instance, are Colorado & Southern, D&RGW, Union Pacific and Denver Tramway.

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We do not have railroad personnel files. Contact the Railroad Retirement Board ( for information regarding railroad personnel from the 1930s to present.

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Please call 303-279-4591 for an appointment

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Under $100,000

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General Integrated Library System (ILS)

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