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NAME:American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators

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Name of library or information center:
American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators

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Title of person to which library or information center director reports:
Senior Manager, Information & Knowledge Management

Is your information center a member of a Transportation Knowledge Network?:
Not an TKN member

Do you provide access to your information collection to the general public (either on-site or on-line, with or without a fee)?:

Describe any special conditions for accessing your resources or services (e.g. by appointment, affiliations required):
There is not a physical library that is open to visitors. All information can be accessed through our Web site at Some content is password protected for members only.

Provide a description of your information collection:
The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators is a non-profit trade association that serves the international community of motor vehicle and law enforcement officials.

What are the particular subject strengths of your collection?:
Driver Licensing, Vehicle Registration and Titling, fraud prevention and detection in relation to drivers and vehicles, best practices in relation to DMV operations, highway safety.

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Janice Dluzynski


4301 Wilson Boulevard , Suite 400





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Professional Association

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