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NAME:Central Transportation Planning Staff of the Boston Region MPO

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Central Transportation Planning Staff of the Boston Region MPO

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Not an TKN member

Do you provide access to your information collection to the general public (either on-site or on-line, with or without a fee)?:

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Although our primary responsibility is to our funding agencies, we try to respond to information requests on a first-come, first-served basis as time permits. We have posted many of our information resources on our website, www,

Provide a description of your information collection:
Our information pertains to the Boston region. Much of it is accessible on our website, It includes reports on transportation-planning studies; highway and transit data; and interactive maps.

What are the particular subject strengths of your collection?:
Reports on transportation-planning studies; many can be downloaded from our website,

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One of the primary purposes of our website,, is to provide documents and other information directly to the user.

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Leigh Cochran


CTPS , 10 Park Plaza, Suite 2150





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MPO/Planning Agency

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