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Highway pictures a Guide for 13668_files LANE DEVELOPMENT
March 2003

Table of Contents

Note from the Associate Administrator


Chapter 1. HOT Lane Concept and Rationale

1.1 HOT Lanes Defined
1.2 Existing HOT Lane Facilities
1.3 The Benefits of HOT Lanes

Chapter 2. The HOT Lane Planning and Implementation Process

2.1 Origination
2.2 Implementation Process
2.3 Unique Concerns Associated with HOT Lanes
2.4 Milestones in the HOT Lane Implementation Process

Chapter 3. Organizational Frameworks for HOT Lane Projects

3.1 Hot Lane Roles and Responsibilities
3.2 Identifying a Project Sponsor
3.3 Private Sector Involvement
3.4 Determining Legal Authorities and Requirements
3.5 Operational Arrangements
3.6 Federal Assistance Programs

Chapter 4. Achieving Public Acceptance

4.1 Outreach for HOT Lanes
4.2 Project Champions and Their Role
4.3 Public Acceptance of HOT Lanes: The Issues
4.4 Building Political Consensus
4.5 Marketing And Refining The Concept
4.6 Towards Consensus

Chapter 5. Technical Issues

5.1 Design
5.2 Technology
5.3 Travel Demand Forecasting, Pricing, and Financing
5.4 Other Technical Analyses and Approvals

Chapter 6. Operational Issues

6.1 Lane Management
6.2 Toll Collection and Registry Procedures
6.4 Incident Management
6.5 Maintenance

Chapter 7. Current HOT Lane Experience

7.1 Houston’s Quickride System
7.2 SR 91 Express Lanes
7.3 San Diego I-15 Corridor
7.4 US Route 101 Corridor – Marin and Sonoma Counties
7.5 The Denver Value Express Lane Feasibility Study

Chapter 8. A Guide to HOT Lane Development – Lessons Learned

8.1 Rationale
8.2 Requisites
8.3 Benefits
8.4 Lessons Learned



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