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List of Tables and Figures

List of Tables

Table 1 TMC Operations Planning MOE’s and Data Sources
Table 2 Planning Functions MOE’s and Data Sources
Table 3 Trends in the Travel Time Index on Hampton Roads Freeways
Table 4 Trends in the Buffer Index on Hampton Roads Freeways
Table 5 VMT and Lane-Miles for the Norfolk-Hampton Roads Urban Area
Table 6 Quality Control Test Results on Speed Data, Hampton Roads, 2000 – 2004
Table 7 Summary of 2003 Freeway Archived Data Completeness
Table 8 Consistency of ADMS Virginia with ASTM Standard E2259
Table 9 Software Development Level of Effort for ORCI
Table 10 User of ADMS Virginia, as of May 25, 2004

List of Figures

Figure 1 Archived Travel Monitoring Data Serve the Applications of Multiple Stakeholders
Figure 2 Systems Engineering Approach used in ADMS Virginia Development
Figure 3 Potential Role of ADMS in Incident Management Process at HRSTC with Incident Response Module
Figure 4 Types of Queries Submitted During Build 3 (4/1/04 – 5/25/04)

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