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What are DOT Orders?

The term “DOT Order” is used to describe several different mandates or instructions issued by DOT. The orders can be divided into two categories, economic orders and administrative orders

1. Economic Orders

Economic orders, pertaining to aviation, are called CAB Orders or DOT Orders. The terms are used to describe Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) Orders and their continuation, DOT Orders. The CAB was an economic regulatory agency that was abolished in January 1985 under the Civil Aeronautics Board Sunset Act of 1984 (98 Stat. 1703) and the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 (92 Stat. 1744). For more information about the CAB and its successor agencies, go to

Issued by: CAB (1946 -1984) and DOT (1984 - present)

Function / Purpose:
Economic orders, pertaining to aviation:
1. Routes (CAB function; DOT no longer does this)
2. Rates (DOT still does this regarding international flights)

Also called: CAB Orders or DOT Orders

Numbering scheme / Citation format:
XX (year) – XX (month) – XX (order #) [e.g. 77-8-153]
E-XXXX [e.g. E-4477] – from October 1946 - June 1968
S-XXXX [e.g. S-2431] – from October 1946 - March 1967
XXXX [e.g. 1754] – from August 1938 - September 1946


CAB Orders
DOT Orders

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Oct. 1946 - Dec. 1984 (print)
1968 – 1978 (microfiche)
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1994 - present
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Selected CAB and DOT Orders
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Selected DOT Orders
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Selected CAB Orders
1979 - 1984

Selected DOT Orders
1985 - present

2. Administrative Orders

Administrative orders issued by the administrations within DOT are also called DOT Orders.

Issued by: The administrations within DOT and the Office of the Secretary

Function/Purpose: To regulate general administrative issues or provide direction for industry compliance with orders.

Also called: DOT Orders (if issued by the Office of the Secretary)

Internal Orders
Administrative Orders

Numbering scheme: DOT (agency) XXXX (number) . XX ABC (edition, if any) [e.g. DOT 1100.63B]


DOT Orders

DOT Library
Room W12-300
1200 New Jersey Ave. SE
Washington, D.C.

Selected DOT Orders numbered 0000.1B to 8000.7A.
Date coverage varies (print).
DOT Online Publications
Selected DOT Orders
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Code of Federal Regulations
Selected DOT Orders.
Other DOT Administrations
Some DOT orders can be found by contacting the DOT office that issued the order.

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