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How to Request an Embargo

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Requesting a Research Publication Embargo

Publications (final research reports or peer-reviewed manuscripts) resulting from DOT-funded research can receive a 12-month embargo from the date of publication of a paper in a journal. 

However, the burden is on the researchers to let DOT know that such a journal publication is pending and that an embargo on the final report or manuscript is needed. Otherwise, we work to share submitted reports with the public within 2 weeks of submission.

To enable NTL catalogers know that an embargo is needed, follow these steps:

  1. Please make an explicit embargo request at time of submission of final reports or peer-reviewed manuscripts.
  2. When submitting reports or manuscripts to please include a paragraph such as: 
    1. A version of this submitted [research report / manuscript] is being [has been] submitted to the journal [JOURNAL TITLE] for peer review and publication. The expected publication date is [MONTH YEAR]. Consistent with the DOT Public Access Plan section Requirements: Publications we are requesting this submitted [research report / manuscript] be embargoed for 12 months from the date of journal publication before it is shared with the public.
    2. Embargo Start Date (expected publication date): MM-YYYY
    3. Embargo End Date (12 months later): MM-YYYY

NTL catalogers will record this embargo information in the report or manuscript record metadata, and will hold the item for 12 months from the date of journal publication. 

Reminder: Datasets CANNOT be embargoed.  

Public Right to Petition for Embargo Changes

The public may petition DOT for increase or decrease of the embargo period. The petition may request an increase or decrease in the embargo period by up to six (6) months.


Requesting an Embargo Extension
  • Email the National Transportation Library (NTL) at with the subject: "Public Access: Petition for Change to Embargo Period."
  • Include the following information in your request:
  • - Publication title
    - Publication authors
    - Research Hub Project ID (if known)
    - Funding agreement number (if known)
    - Specific embargo change request (increase or decrease, number of months)
    - Detailed description of the reason for the embargo request change


What Happens Next

NTL will forward the petition for embargo change or review to the appropriate Operating Administration (OA) or Secretarial Office.
A decision on the petition will be made within one (1) month of the original request. The requestor will be notified.
If the petition is granted, and would result in immediate release of a publication, NTL will make public within two (2) weeks of the decision to allow for processing time.

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